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arc compare with no arc

What is Audio Return Channel(ARC)and CEC

Audio Return Channel (ARC) is a feature of HDMI technology that allows audio to be sent from a television to an audio device, such as a sound bar or home theater receiver, over the same HDMI cable already being used to send audio and video to the television. This allows the user to hear sound from the television through a connected audio device, even if the television itself does not have integrated speakers. Audio Source with ARC channel like Smart-TV Apps like Netflix / Hulu or Tuned Over-the-Air Channels. It is important to note that both devices in this signal chain (Smart TV & Audio System) must have ARC capable HDMI input and output ports. These ARC capable ports will be labeled specifically for this function.  If you do not have an ARC capable sound system, you can use the HDMI Audio extractor with ARC function , to extract the audio from your TV and output the audio signal via SPDIF or 3.5 mm analog audio to your sound system. ***Please note that when you’re using the ARC function of HDMI, both your TV and your Sound System device must have CEC enabled.*** What is CEC CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control and is an HDMI feature that allows devices to control each other when connected through the HDMI connection. It enables a single remote control to operate multiple devices and enables the devices to transmit information to each other. An example of the CEC power and Input feature would be allowing your DVD

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Why AV Over IP solution so Expensive ?

What is AV OVER IP ? Unlike a traditional Av environment, AV-over-IP solution designed for audio video distribution, and control signals over a standard IP Network. The solution allows an distribution of a huge numbers of sources and displays to be created over a standardized cabling infrastructure and a managed Network switch technology. For the AV o IP solution, We have three compression technology options. H.264/265, JPEG2000,SDVoE, Different AVoverIP Technology Comparision Each with its Features Comparison From above diagram, you can see that SDVoE support the highest 10G Network which is suitable for high-speed Live Stream Applications. There is Encoder which names as a transmitter that directly connects with source using HDMI cable or a Decoder as a receiver connect with Display. It supports one to one ,one to many,many to one,matrix many-to-many,streaming many to huge audience around the world such as Facebook,Youtube applications. AV o IP offers many advantages Uncompressed 4K and zero-frame latency audio/video extension over a standard 10G Copper or Fiber Network Switch with instant switching, Video Wall MultiView Transfer advanced HDMI content such as HDR (high dynamic range), full color-depth, and multichannel HD Bitstream audio such as Facebook,YouTube,etc. Support Playing secondary stream on computer through the corresponding software such as VLC media player.simulaneously you can access the build in Web GUI to configure the secondary stream. Multiple control and data signals can be transmitted along with audio and video signals simultaneously, including bi-directional IR,RS-232, USB KVM, CEC and 1G Ethernet. What applications does av over IP

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How to install HDMI Extender and troubleshoot

Cautions Warning The CAT5e/6 cable canNOT be placed underground, outdoor, and between buildings. It must be placed with extenders indoor. Installation details and cautions Getting started After finishing all steps above, the system is workable, follow below steps. Special Function Remote IR function Using video source’s (such as Blue-ray DVD) IR controller faces extender RX side IR receiver. IR signal will be transmitted to extender TX side IR output port, to control video source directly. Bi-direction RS232 function Bi-direction RS232 Baud rate configuration Refer to the user manual, HDMI USB KVM Cat5e/6 Extender support bi-direction RS232 communication, and the default data rate is set to 57600bps. In case of avoiding some potential misconfigured user data input. USB HID mouse and keyboard function pass back function USB HID mouse and keyboard pass-back function.To use this function, PC system must be Windows XP or upper version. In Windows system, USB HID devices are plug and play, no need drivers. The transmitter unit has USB type-B connector, receiver unit has two USB type-A connectors, one is for mouse, and the other one is for keyboard. When extender system is installed, if receiver side mouse and keyboard can control transmitter side PC, it means mouse and keyboard function is workable. EDID call back function Products support EDID call back function. Receiver unit will read EDID from display terminal, and then pass this EDID information to transmitter unit. The transmitter unit will update internal NVRAM to save new EDID information, and inform video source to

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edid explanation

What is EDID for HDMI distribution products?

What is EDID ? EDID pass-through refers to a play-back device that can read the display device’s information,such as resolution, factory model, date of manufacturer, and so on. The Benefit of EDID pass-through is the player can read the resolution of the display device directly so that the video signals that the display device can accept can be output in the best effect. TCL in the figure means TCL TV, TOS is short for TOSHIBA, that is, this product can reach the EDID information of the display device perfectly. The product supports EDID unvarnished transmission. The EDID information of the display device will be automatically read and supplied to the signal source after powering on or replacing the display device, This will result in better device compatibility. What is EDID Mix? As a TV with a different model and resolution, it reads the TV’s resolution ratio before the splitter/switcher/matrix/extender transmits data to the TV, automatically chooses a suitable resolution ratio, then sends data out.

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upgrade hashboard

What’s the pain point for ASIC Miner Antminer S17/T17 series

Antminer S17/ S17 Pro / S17 / T17/ T17 / T17e miner retrofit heatsink no more repeated replacement BM1397AG Why do Antminer S17 series miners need to change the heat sink (what is the pain point)? S17 series miners drop the heat sink leading to a short circuit, burning the board and scrapping it, causing losses. Changing the chip does not solve the root of the problem, chip shortage, high maintenance costsUsed miners are far below market price, and often damaged in transit. Our advantages in similar products. 1, 1-year time N times to improve, a long time to verify2, first-class heat dissipation and insulation (performance resistance to fight not afraid than)3, We had improved 30,000 + machines4, We have a stable supply chain that can support a large number of orders in a short period of time Why us? We have made several improvements to the product within 6 months. After completion, we have modified 30,000+ S17 (series of mining machines) in China in the past 2 months We have a stable supply chain for this product that can support a large number of orders in a short period of time. Repair Guidance for Antminer S17 Series Miner Retrofit Heat SinkSOP (Standard Operating Procedure) – Easy to follow 1、Remove the heatsink2、Remove the tin from the chip3、Clear ash (arithmetic board)4、 Wipe the pads5, nut (small hole surface) planting tin – on the board – solder (183 ℃ medium temperature tin can be)6, the bottom of the heatsink brush thermal conductive

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What’s the leading AV transmission technologies?

Audiovisual over Internet Protocol (AV over IP) is an Internet Protocol-based audio and video transmission technology that transmits audio and video data over standard networks! AV over IP products has seen triple-digit growth in the past three years and will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 60% in the next five years. AV over IP is a game between image quality, bandwidth, and latency in specific applications. The AV industry has found the next best way to transmit audio and video signals, with IP providing a standardized architecture. But today, the way it is transmitted on the architecture no longer meets the needs of various customers, and we need to determine what image quality, bandwidth, and latency to allow based on the application. And because of this, in the face of various audio and video transmission protocols and trends, we need to distinguish precisely what is appropriate for the project’s needs! ST 2110 SMPTE —Rolls-Royce in the broadcaster level – SMPTEST 2110 is a standard defined by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers – SMPTEST 2110-10/20/30: Effective audio and video without compression – SMPTEST 2110-21: Traffic shaping and transmission timing – SMPTEST 2110-31: Real-time transmission of AES3 signals based on RTP – SMPTEST 2110-40: Auxiliary Packet Imaging as Real-Time Transport Protocol Packets – SMPTE is aligned with global associations and supported by AIMS, AES, EBU, VSF, IABM, and MNA – Based on 10Gbps network transmission, uncompressed, high bandwidth, low latency – High build-out cost SDVOE —Standardized

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overclocking testing

Crypto Mining S19 Air/Oil overclocking Data

Below data show you the S19jPro 104T and S19j Pro 100T overclocking data for your reference. So you can see that S19j Pro 104T overclocking hashrate pushes range 120T – 155T, S19j Pro 100T overclocking hash rate push range 119T- 122T. Below video show you the overclocking s19 testing hash rate 124T More questions about overclocking hashrate for crypto mining, please feel free to contact with us Whatsapp 86 13728685427, Email

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immersion cooled bitcoin mining rigs

How to Overclocking Crypto Mining & Immersion Cooling Solution

How to push the limits on your Antminer s19 to reach a higher hash rate? With the solution, S19 can be overclocked up to 150T,160T, and 200T. What do you need to prepare for overclocking crypto miners? You need a new board, higher power supply up to 4500W, 6000W, and 8000W which are professional overclocking solutions and your anterminer S19 95t, 104t,or 110T. Meanwhile including an immersion cooling system. Below are details of different overclocking PSUs for different hash rate for your reference. 8000W Overclocking Power Supplyfor S19pro 110T overclock  to 180T+/ immersion cooling 6000W Overclocking Power Supplyfor S19pro 110T overclock to 150T+/ immersion cooling 4500W Overclocking Power Supplyfor S19pro 110T overclock to 130T+ / fan cooling Three kinds of Overclocking Boards board 1:  for S19pro 110T overclock to 150T+ by oil coolingboard 2:  for S19pro 110T overclock to 130T+ by fan coolingboard 3:  for S19 95T overclock to 110T+ by fan cooling When you prepared well for those, then you can start assembling the board and remove the old PSU with the overclocking PSU.below video for your reference. After finishing reassemble the board and PSU, then put the miner into the oil immersion cooling system. Hope those information makes your crypto mining business more profitable. For more questions, kindly please contact with us at WhatsApp 86 13728685427, Email

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asic miner repari

5 Steps to replace your ASIC Miner Board Controller Easily

Replace the control board for your ASIC miner is very simple, just follow below steps and you will also be a repair engineer. ( Put on gloves on your hands will be safer.) 1. Remove the ASIC Fans from the miner , took off the fan cable from the control board. 2. Remove the cable between control board and hash board. 3. Take out the hashboard and clean the board, make sure the heat sink stick well on the hash board. 4. Take out the broken control board and replace the new board, make sure the led light and plan ports fits well with the miner shell. 5. Connect all the cables well and assemble the fans well. If All done well and connect the power to test the miner. The below video shows one of the professional Computer engineer’s operations for your reference. If you have any questions for repair miners parts, please feel free to contact us. We will guide you online for free. Whatsapp 86 13728685427, Email

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asic miner repari

How to check Antminer Power supply troubleshooting

Antminer Power supply Common Troubleshooting Fan don’t work, no 12V output Reason:The power supply on the AC side  is abnormal Ways to deal with 1.Check the AC side if the connector connect tightly 2.Check whether the grid has power and the voltage is normal Fan work normally, no 12V Output Reason: 1.low grid voltage ,2.power protection Ways to deal with 1.Use a multimeter to confirm that the current voltage is above 250V, so as to ensure that the power supply can be turned on 100% 2.Check if the power supply has output or overload. This situation will cause the power supply to enter the lock-up protection state. It can be restored after removing the fault and restarting the power supply. After the power supply stops outputting for a few seconds, it resumes normal working, and continues to work for a few minutes and then stops outputting, trouble happens repeatedly Reason: The power supply has entered the over-temperature protection Ways to deal with 1.Check if the fan work normally2.Check whether the cooling air channel of the power supply is blocked3.Check whether the power supply has been used for a long time and there is too much dust accumulated inside4.Check the voltage used by the power supply or the surrounding temperature exceeds the value of the power supply power setting curve Miner output normally, but fan didn’t work Reson: Fan broken Ways to deal with 1.Check if the fan is blocked by other is broken A normally working power supply suddenly

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