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bitcoin scams

Avoid Bitcoin Scams

Avoid scams to help protect yourself and your finances Blackmail In most cases, this method works by sending an email with a message claiming that their computer has been hacked and that they are being blackmailed by using Bitcoin as a means of extortion. The scammers can either suppress the material or spread it across their various social media platforms. This is a phishing scheme that uses stolen email lists to infect thousands of people. Fake Exchanges Bitcoin has become more popular, and many people are taking advantage of this by setting up fake exchanges. These are typically designed to trick users into thinking they’re getting something for a steal. Be sure to use a reputable exchange when buying or selling bitcoin. Free Giveaways/Prize Giveaways Due to the nature of the internet, scammers can easily spread information about fraudulent websites and offer free digital currencies in exchange for personal information. This is why it’s important to report suspicious content. Impersonation Creating a fake social media account is very easy for con artists to do. Once they’re able to impersonate an author or a person, they often wait in wait for their intended target to publish content. After following up with a follow-up message, the impersonator would then try to trick others into thinking they’re responding to their message. impersonators can also try to trick others into clicking on links or sending personal messages in order to commit fraud. Never participate in free giveaways. If you receive an odd request from

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Is buying an Antminer a good idea?

If someone considering buying an Antminer, like S19Pro 100TH/s, or Innosilicon A10Pro 720M in order to mine bitcoins. These ASIC sold for USD13000 (S19Pro) for a brand new devices, and USD 16000 (A10Pro)for used devices, which is a big investment for them. And they also will consider the cost of electricity in their city. Is it realistic for us to pay back our investment in less than a year, or is it more likely that the product will become obsolete too quickly? New miners and Experienced miners, probably all have same questions in mind. We can search the data, trying to calculate for worst-case scenarios, best-case scenarios & the middle ground results. What happens if network difficulty increases to levels seen before the China ban & total network hash rate sees the previous top as well? Are we still profitable? What happens if Bitcoin stays stagnant and trades sideways for the next year or even goes on a downward slope – are we still profitable? How much money am I investing into getting the proper electrical setup & on and on? Now China is in “Great Bitcoin Migration” hundreds of properly wrapped bitcoin miners were loaded onto the plane again. these miners no longer have a place in China but are the most coveted production tool for cryptocurrency gold miners in the US today. As you may know, the shipping cost is a great expensive way for hundreds of miners nowadays and it’s not easy for Chinese to build new

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Top Tips when connecting Fiber optic HDMI cable

When you use a long fiber optic hdmi cable over 10meters and beyond, there are important tips you need to know before connecting with your devices or install in your wall. Cable is unidirectional. Follow the connector printing to ensure proper operation of the cable. The connection will not start when you connect them in the wrong way.  Wiring and Connections IMPORTANT! Installation Requirements •Follow the connector printing to ensure proper operation. •Due to the core of the HAOC being fiber optic, the cable has a bend radius greater than 45mm. Keep this in mind when routing cables around objects and inside of walls. •The cables have a max pull tension of 15kg/33lbs. Keep this in mind when routing the cable within cabinets or walls to avoid damaging the cable. 3 easy steps to master the decoration of buried wire tips: Before wiring, please connect the use of equipment for testing to ensure normal signal transmission before wiring. Both ends of the plug with anti-dust cover, do not pull hard, twist, or knotted through the tube, so as not to damage the internal core and resulting in signal attenuation distortion. 2. please pay attention to distinguish the directionality! After being pre-buried into the wall, the HDMI connector must be protected to avoid accidental injury during renovation. It is recommended the pipe width is more than 30mm, thus easy wire through the tube, or subsequent wire replacement easier to disassemble. 3. Please do not bend the wire less than 90 °when

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hdmi 2.1 48gbps

What is fiber optic HDMI cable and the advantages of fiber optic HDMI cable

With the development of 5G networks and 8K HD Displays and devices, People announcing that the whole market began to step into high-definition times, and HDMI Cable becomes the Preferred cable in the transmission of high-definition audio and video signal. Currently the HDMI cables mainly made of copper hdmi cable or AOC pure fiber optic cable with photoelectric composite HDMI cable. With the HDMI Association forecasts the upcoming release of updated certification standards, market research: optical HDMI cable will replace the existing copper HDMI cable. HDMI cable using optical fiber as the transmission medium will begin to form the mainstream, the price is higher than the traditional copper HDMI cable. What is advantages of fiber HDMI cable ? why more and more people choose optic fiber hdmi cable not copper hdmi cable ? Please check below detailes. What is fiber optic hdmi cable? Optical fiber is a transmission medium used to transmit optical signals; and HDMI is a high-definition multimedia interface that can receive and send compressed digital audio-video information. The traditional HDMI cable transmission material is core copper, while the fiber optic HDMI cable will change the transmission material into optical fiber, using optical fiber to make the HDMI signal transmission line, both ends are HDMI interface. Before we begin to analyze the development of fiber optic hdmi cable, we first need to understand the evolution of HDMI standards, we will briefly review the development of HDMI cables in these years. In 2002, the earliest version of HDMI HDMI

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scam alert

How to ensure high quality and fair prices when buying hdmi in China? and How to reduce your risk for importing from China

Shenzhen is the largest High-Quality hdmi supplier city to source HDMI active optic cables, hdmi extenders,hdmi matrix, hdmi splitters, hdmi switchers, and hdmi matrix, and all audio-video products at a reasonable price. They are many manufacturers and trade companies there selling these products, and how to find good suppliers from these suppliers?  Most of the factories do OEM orders for simple assemble products at low cost, some of the factories have professional R&D teams to develop complex ODM products.  And when you search on B2B or B2C platforms, there are different price ranges from low to high with similar products. Well, sometimes the price is not real prices, it’s just attracts views and leads to top rankings.  Or they send you a lower quality product with low price. It’s normal and a common trick that a lot of china suppliers are playing to attract new customers. Here we would like to show you 9 scams when buying HDMI from China and suggestions for how to reduce these risks. 1.Increase Price after placing order The REAL Scam I want to mention here is this kind of situation: that the supplier quotes you a price that is much lower than other people in the beginning, and after you send over your deposit, they will suddenly ask for a higher price. They will make a lot of excuses like: the raw material price suddenly goes up or they find very high defect rate during production that increases a lot of costs. This kind

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hdmi aoc fiber cable connector sinowell

Why choose Active Optical HDMI cable for the newest HDMI 2.0/ HDMI 2.1 Technology?

HDMI fiber optical cable is not only a high-frequency cable, but also a professional technical electronic fiber optical device. It has Chip on Board on the Cable connector , we tested the compatibility issues, Reliability and Stability to ensure our cables are more compatible with a wider range of devices on the market. Active optical cable is ideal to convert high speed digital signal over long distances with uncompressed signals pass through. HD Video applies in home theatre, TV Walls, Video Surveillance, Church/School, Conference, Presentation, these all need long-distance uncompressed signal transmission. The HDMI AOC (Active optical cable) is the best economic choice for your application. Chip on Board : We use German Brand Chip ( Silicon Line)+Philips matrix laser (VCSEL) and some board we added Texas Instruments (TI)DDC Buffer Chip for longer length application. Silicon Chips are more stable ,low power consumption which are widely used in the market. One the Cable Source side (TX) , power consumption around 200mW and Display side ( RX) power consumption around 160mW,  thus compatible with all sources and displays in the market. Some customers told us that when they test the hdmi active optical fiber cables with Apple Box & Sony TV, there will be flashes and noise on the screen. Thus Our engineer developed an automatic error code test program to solve the issue to ensure all of our cables compatible with all of the customers’ requirements. We don’t recommend other chips although the cost is much cheaper,  Those cheaper cables

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Wireless Hdmi Extender Application 1

How to choose HDMI over Ethernet extender?

There are three responses to a HDMI Extender : Yes, No and WOW ! WOW is the one we aim for. Some new customers inquiry for the HDMI over Ethernet extender and even they didn’t know what’s the use of hdmi extenders? How they works ? Does they work at our office? This article will explain you these questions. What’s the use of HDMI extenders ? HDMI extenders are used for extending long distance (60meter/100meter/120meter ) between a high definition television (monitors ) and a digital sending device (such DVD player, laptop/computer,media-box, set-top box,PS3/4) , transmit the video signal by One single Cat5e/6 cable. You connect a video source to the transmitter, a display to the receiver, and link the two with a Cat5e/6 cable. These cables are much cheaper than HDMI cables, and can run longer distances. How the HDMI signal extender solve your problem ? It can solve the problems caused by signal limitations and allow you to enjoy High definition pictures to the longest distance. It enables multiple devices which have HDMI port , no matter where you are, simply booster your HD signal everywhere around your house/ office/ shop/ bars/ school, etc. How they benefit you and how they works ? For example, before you haven’t bought the HDMI extenders , if you want to watch a Blu-ray DVD player on a television in another room, maybe you are thinking of buying a long HDMI cable which the signal may be very bad and higher cost,

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Ip Camera With Hdmi

How to connect Security camera to Monitor up to 150m/200m via HDMI over Ethernet ?

Some customers want to take their IP cameras to monitors across 150m/200m which installed on their church,stores, hotel ,supermarket,school,office and home. Meanwhile, customers want to display a live view of their security cameras on multiple TVs in different rooms. This IP Extender/KVM Extender is the best solution for IP Camera DVRs booster long-distance video signals to HDTV/Monitors. It can be used in offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, show stages, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, banks, etc.    It is the most economic system to extend the long distances from your IP Camera to your Monitor. The extender connects with a security camera DVR or network video recorder up to 393ft/492ft / 574ft away from the monitor / TV displays. It converter the HDMI video signal from the DVR or NVR, then run through a single Cat6 cable in the wall to transmit the 4K 30HZ / 4K 60HZ video signal to TVs. Notes: To ensure the video signal quality, please use better quality solid copper Cat6 cable. If you use cheaper CCA or CCS wire which will result in bad video quality and signal loss. The HDMI IP Extender can be installed in different ways including direct one to one connection, one to many connections, and many to many connections. Direct point to point connection If your IP camera have HDMI port,like below one, you can connect with the extender directly. Using DVR and Router to extend long distance via HDMI Extender with Network IP Cameras If your IP camera didn’t have

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Why we need a HDMI to USB capture converter?

The world that we’re in now with everything going virtual, with e-learning, with virtual meetings and webinars, those what we need is an HDMI to USB capture which connects with your webcam and your PC. Overview It’s passive and doesn’t need a power supply, hdmi source coming in and convert to USB signal which connects to our computer, with the help of software which is open source we can actually edit video, we can recordings and we can edit any hdmi signal coming in. It’s a great solution for virtual meetings, learning, we can record the entire webinar if we wanted to. For the gamers, we have got a game console in this connection diagram, they can actually record their gaming content. It’s multiple used in different video recordings. This capture also supports 4K. Someone told us that it appears to be capturing at a frame rate much lower than 30fps, the frame rate is closer to 20fps. OBS offers the option to set the frame rate from 5-30fps. 20fps seems to be a more substantial motion blur. A 1/2 second delay may cause the video and the audio from your external mic to be slightly out of sync. For basic connect with camera for streaming, podcasts, and web chat, this 1080p mini USB capture is totally adequate. It’s good enough for machine vision, previewing or still frames. High end & Professional If you need professional capture which with 4K 30Hz resolution and HDMI loop out, audio outputs, and upgrade your

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You can run an HDMI about anywhere

Audio Video signals run to a gazebo, a garage, a treehouse, downstairs, upstairs, pass through the wall ( click in wall wallplate extender).you can interchange whatever source you have, cable box blu-ray player, SONY, PANASONIC, PIONEER, Samsung, Output compatible with different brands of HDTVs. Below points explain you some professional function for better understanding and operation. EDID and Zero Video Latency EDID is the AV industry standard for your output display (your screen, TV, or projector) to communicate with your AV source device (for example your Sky Box or Blue-Ray player), sending detailed information on the display and sources capabilities (such as the size, format, and resolution of the screen). Two steps to reset the EDID copy function? 1.Please connect the transmitter with the source and receiver with the display.2.Press the EDID button in which the button is on the transmitter side for 1-2 seconds. Your status lights will change from red to green, then back to red. This indicates a successful EDID copy. How long it can extend and which cable you can use ? NOTE: We recommend using direct HDMI to HDMI connection,to avoid using signal converters or adapters at all costs. CAT 5 cable is NOT recommended because of the different quality levels in the market and solid (Aluminium) COPPER Cat 6 cable will display the best signal quality. IR ( one-way direction IR control ) Plug the infrared sensor into your receiver and your transmitter, you can send IR signals more than 200ft length (added the cable

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