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The Future of Audio and Video Distribution Technology: Exploring the Advantages of AV over IP and HDBaseT

As an audio video manufacturer expert, I have witnessed firsthand the rapid evolution of audio and video distribution technology over the years. From the early days of analog systems to the current era of digital signals, the industry has come a long way in terms of innovation and advancements. In this article, I will explore the future of audio and video distribution technology and the advantages of AV over IP and HDBaseT. AV over IP and HDBaseT are two emerging technologies that have gained immense popularity in recent years. Both technologies have their unique advantages and are used for various applications in the audio and video industry. AV over IP is a method of transmitting audio and video signals over a network, while HDBaseT is a technology that enables the transmission of high-definition audio and video signals over a single cable. The advantages of AV over IP are numerous. Firstly, it provides a scalable and flexible solution for distributing audio and video signals over a network. This means that the same network infrastructure can be used for both data and audio/video signals, simplifying installation and reducing costs. Additionally, AV over IP allows for the creation of virtual matrix switchers, enabling users to route audio and video signals to any endpoint on the network. This flexibility is particularly useful in complex installations where a large number of inputs and outputs need to be managed. HDBaseT, on the other hand, is a reliable and cost-effective technology that is commonly used in commercial

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What’s the pain points for TV Wall Controller in AV System Solutions

What is Modular Seamless Matrix System ? Modular multi-format mixed seamless switching matrix is a high performance video signal switching equipment.It support up to 8-80 inputs,8-80 outputs with many kinds of daughter cards.This product support multiple video formats input and output. Multi-format matrix using the daughter cards structure,flexible and convenient installation.The input/output port support : Fiber,HDBaset,SDI,HDMI,VGA,DVI-U (HDMI/DVI/VGA/YPbPr/CVBS). With the Ethernet/LAN and RS232 communication interface,through the PC software to control the matrix signal switching monitoring the working status of the matrix ,set the signal resolution,etc. Support different languages, English,Chinese,French,German,Hindi,Portuguese and Spanish,et. Specification & Parameters (Matrix, DVI-U as example) Features Perfect Professional Distribution Product, ideal for 4K Blu Ray Players, Game Consoles, Media Players, Satellite Receivers, Computers, Laptops and Other Sources. MULITIPLE SPLICING MODES : This HDMI video wall splitter with an output resolution of 4K @ 60Hz (in each display) ,For example, 8X8 support 4×2, 2×2, 1×4, 1×3, 1×2, 4×1, 3×1, 2×1, etc multiple splicing mode. PLUG & PLAY – No extra software needed or Internet Required, Input with resolutions up to 4K/60Hz YUV 4:4:4. 18GBPS, YUV 4:4:4, HDCP2.2, Full EDID Control. Perfect for Restaurants, Night Clubs, Bars, Casinos, Hotels, or your even own personal theater room. Some of the key pain points associated with video wall system installations include: As a video wall system manufacturer, there are several ways to address the key pain points associated with video wall system installations: Overall, We can address the key pain points associated with video wall system installations by focusing on simplifying technology,

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What should to know when i want to buy a tv wall controller at the first time ?

What is a video wall controller and how does it work? A video wall controller is a device that allows multiple displays to be combined to form a single large display, commonly referred to as a video wall. It takes input from one or multiple sources and then splits the image into multiple parts that are displayed across the different displays in the video wall. How many displays can a video wall controller support? The number of displays a video wall controller can support depends on the specific model and its capabilities. Some controllers can support a few displays, while others can support dozens of displays. What types of video inputs are supported by the controller? The video inputs supported by a video wall controller can vary depending on the model, but common inputs include HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA. Some controllers also support streaming video inputs, such as from an IP camera or a video encoder. Can the video wall controller display content in 4K resolution? Yes, many video wall controllers are capable of displaying content in 4K resolution. However, it’s important to check the specifications of the specific model to confirm its capabilities. What is the maximum distance between the video source and the controller? The maximum distance between the video source and the controller depends on the type of connection used. For example, HDMI has a maximum distance of around 50 feet (15 meters) before signal degradation, while DisplayPort can support distances of up to 100 feet

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As a pro audio video engineer, how i choose the right av over ip solution or hdmi extenders for my application ? please give some advises and pros and cons for those av over ip products

When choosing an AV over IP solution or HDMI extender for your application, there are several factors to consider. Here are some general tips and pros and cons to keep in mind: Pros of AV over IP solutions: Cons of AV over IP solutions: Pros of HDMI extenders: Cons of HDMI extenders: Ultimately, the choice between an AV over IP solution and an HDMI extender will depend on the specific requirements of your application. By considering factors like bandwidth, distance, compatibility, ease of use, and cost, you can choose the solution that best meets your needs.

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Cons and Pros you should know before buy Audio Video hdmi extender online

Before buy the hdmi extender, what you should know about this product ? How does this product help you to transfer your audio video signal over a long distance ? Here are some of the top frequently asked questions when people buy HDMI extenders online: As a professional product manager, i would like to answer above questions for all of my valuable customers. 2.What is the maximum distance that an HDMI extender can transmit a signal? The maximum distance that an HDMI extender can transmit a signal depends on the specific extender and the type of connection used. However, most HDMI extenders can transmit signals up to 100-300 feet over a wired connection, and up to 30-50 feet over a wireless connection. 3.Do HDMI extenders require additional power? Some HDMI extenders require additional power, while others can be powered by the HDMI signal itself. It’s important to check the specifications of the specific extender you are considering to determine if it requires additional power. 4.Can HDMI extenders transmit audio as well as video signals? Yes, HDMI extenders can transmit both audio and video signals, including high-quality audio formats like Dolby Digital and DTS. 5.Are HDMI extenders compatible with all HDMI devices? Most HDMI extenders are compatible with all HDMI devices, but it’s important to check the specifications of the specific extender you are considering to ensure compatibility with your devices. 6.Do HDMI extenders support 4K resolution and HDR? Many HDMI extenders support 4K resolution and HDR, but it’s important to

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Walk out of arrogance and prejudice, accept the ordinary and common 5%+90%+5%

Learn to accept mediocrity as a reality of life, and then lean the mediocrity toward happiness —By Bai Yansong Comparison is an unreal, concentrated comparison. People will always show you the best thing, a moment in time, and around this most wonderful moment, most of the other blandness is not shown to you. So you see that brightest thing, but compared to your daily life, the gap is very huge, inferiority complex helpless, and thus this is the cause of many people’s suffering. Life is 90% bland, the remaining 5% is happy and the ultimate good thing and the remaining 5% is particularly painful. People can go through life because of that 5%, attracting people through 90% of the blandness and 5% of the groovy stuff. We have to accept the blandness, life is not always firecrackers, salute a million, we do not put their own blandness by some people’s light shine inferiority complex, take back the gaze, put it on ourselves, look inside, seek inside, do not always stare at others, the wise will be blandness to happiness transition. A person’s true maturity is to accept their own mediocrity, every serious effort of the soul is worthy of respect, the rest of life is not long, brave to be themselves, in the ordinary harvest of joy, is complete, and their own race, tomorrow must be wonderful. I am very fortunate and lucky that I was able to understand the above and find happiness before I turned 37. From now

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2023 Pro AV solution trending

Professional audio visual (AV) solutions refer to the equipment and technology used in professional settings to manage and enhance the audio and visual experience. This can include a wide range of products and technologies, such as audio and video equipment, display systems, control systems, and networking and connectivity technologies. Professional AV solutions are used in a variety of settings, including events, corporate environments, educational institutions, and more. The goal of professional AV solutions is to provide a high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use experience for users, whether it’s for presentation, collaboration, entertainment, or other purposes. 2023 trending products for Pro AV market 1.AV over IP solutions will be more widely used for AV integrators and delivering 4k60hz 4:4:4 uncompressed AV signal across 1G and 10G networks. 2.We have seen there are many big screens installed everywhere, Seamless video wall Matrix switcher and video wall controller will be used in those applications. 3.Live Streaming solutions,such as video capture converter, live streaming broadcast 4.For the meeting room solutions and education classroom sector, there will be wireless presentation switchers for quickly connect multiple devices for a conference,meeting,or presentation. In 2023, Sinowell will strive to offer our valuable customers best service and stable products. Finally, we will start our CNY holiday from 15th Jan to 2nd Feb,2023. If you have any questions, You can reach us via email, or Whatsapp 86 13728685427

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What is Audio Return Channel(ARC)and CEC

Audio Return Channel (ARC) is a feature of HDMI technology that allows audio to be sent from a television to an audio device, such as a sound bar or home theater receiver, over the same HDMI cable already being used to send audio and video to the television. This allows the user to hear sound from the television through a connected audio device, even if the television itself does not have integrated speakers. Audio Source with ARC channel like Smart-TV Apps like Netflix / Hulu or Tuned Over-the-Air Channels. It is important to note that both devices in this signal chain (Smart TV & Audio System) must have ARC capable HDMI input and output ports. These ARC capable ports will be labeled specifically for this function.  If you do not have an ARC capable sound system, you can use the HDMI Audio extractor with ARC function , to extract the audio from your TV and output the audio signal via SPDIF or 3.5 mm analog audio to your sound system. ***Please note that when you’re using the ARC function of HDMI, both your TV and your Sound System device must have CEC enabled.*** What is CEC CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control and is an HDMI feature that allows devices to control each other when connected through the HDMI connection. It enables a single remote control to operate multiple devices and enables the devices to transmit information to each other. An example of the CEC power and Input feature would be allowing your DVD

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Why AV Over IP solution so Expensive ?

What is AV OVER IP ? Unlike a traditional Av environment, AV-over-IP solution designed for audio video distribution, and control signals over a standard IP Network. The solution allows an distribution of a huge numbers of sources and displays to be created over a standardized cabling infrastructure and a managed Network switch technology. For the AV o IP solution, We have three compression technology options. H.264/265, JPEG2000,SDVoE, Different AVoverIP Technology Comparision Each with its Features Comparison From above diagram, you can see that SDVoE support the highest 10G Network which is suitable for high-speed Live Stream Applications. There is Encoder which names as a transmitter that directly connects with source using HDMI cable or a Decoder as a receiver connect with Display. It supports one to one ,one to many,many to one,matrix many-to-many,streaming many to huge audience around the world such as Facebook,Youtube applications. AV o IP offers many advantages Uncompressed 4K and zero-frame latency audio/video extension over a standard 10G Copper or Fiber Network Switch with instant switching, Video Wall MultiView Transfer advanced HDMI content such as HDR (high dynamic range), full color-depth, and multichannel HD Bitstream audio such as Facebook,YouTube,etc. Support Playing secondary stream on computer through the corresponding software such as VLC media player.simulaneously you can access the build in Web GUI to configure the secondary stream. Multiple control and data signals can be transmitted along with audio and video signals simultaneously, including bi-directional IR,RS-232, USB KVM, CEC and 1G Ethernet. What applications does av over IP

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How to install HDMI Extender and troubleshoot

Cautions Warning The CAT5e/6 cable canNOT be placed underground, outdoor, and between buildings. It must be placed with extenders indoor. Installation details and cautions Getting started After finishing all steps above, the system is workable, follow below steps. Special Function Remote IR function Using video source’s (such as Blue-ray DVD) IR controller faces extender RX side IR receiver. IR signal will be transmitted to extender TX side IR output port, to control video source directly. Bi-direction RS232 function Bi-direction RS232 Baud rate configuration Refer to the user manual, HDMI USB KVM Cat5e/6 Extender support bi-direction RS232 communication, and the default data rate is set to 57600bps. In case of avoiding some potential misconfigured user data input. USB HID mouse and keyboard function pass back function USB HID mouse and keyboard pass-back function.To use this function, PC system must be Windows XP or upper version. In Windows system, USB HID devices are plug and play, no need drivers. The transmitter unit has USB type-B connector, receiver unit has two USB type-A connectors, one is for mouse, and the other one is for keyboard. When extender system is installed, if receiver side mouse and keyboard can control transmitter side PC, it means mouse and keyboard function is workable. EDID call back function Products support EDID call back function. Receiver unit will read EDID from display terminal, and then pass this EDID information to transmitter unit. The transmitter unit will update internal NVRAM to save new EDID information, and inform video source to

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