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How to choose HDMI over Ethernet extender?

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There are three responses to a HDMI Extender : Yes, No and WOW !

WOW is the one we aim for.

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Some new customers inquiry for the HDMI over Ethernet extender and even they didn’t know what’s the use of hdmi extenders? How they works ? Does they work at our office?

This article will explain you these questions.

What’s the use of HDMI extenders ?

HDMI extenders are used for extending long distance (60meter/100meter/120meter ) between a high definition television (monitors ) and a digital sending device (such DVD player, laptop/computer,media-box, set-top box,PS3/4) , transmit the video signal by One single Cat5e/6 cable.

You connect a video source to the transmitter, a display to the receiver, and link the two with a Cat5e/6 cable. These cables are much cheaper than HDMI cables, and can run longer distances.

How the HDMI signal extender solve your problem ?

It can solve the problems caused by signal limitations and allow you to enjoy High definition pictures to the longest distance. It enables multiple devices which have HDMI port , no matter where you are, simply booster your HD signal everywhere around your house/ office/ shop/ bars/ school, etc.

How they benefit you and how they works ?

For example, before you haven’t bought the HDMI extenders , if you want to watch a Blu-ray DVD player on a television in another room, maybe you are thinking of buying a long HDMI cable which the signal may be very bad and higher cost, even can’t support distance up to 60meter) . If you buy another Blu-ray player, Only being able to connect a single device at a time is fine if you only have one device, but if you have more than one, it’s very inconvenient to have to disconnect and reconnect every time you want to switch between devices. It’s not necessary to buy another Blu-ray player. HDMI extender is the right choice for you with low cost to reduce your family finance.


Our products are widely used in home, office, school, Education, bars, Shopping Center, Bank, Government, Church ,etc. Currently, the newest HDMI device technology is HDMI 2.0, 4K 60Hz for the newest Blu-ray player and 4K TVs. Different resolution with different devices cost. Such as resolution HDMI 2.0, 4K 60Hz, HDMI 1.4 4K 30Hz, HDMI 1.3 1080P. You can check your HDMI specification of your device before order the extenders.

Also we have different kinds of extenders and what types of extender you choose depends on your own needs and preferences. Here below a brief of overview of our special HDMI over Ethernet extenders for your reference.

Wallplate HDMI over Cat5e/6 extenders which usually installed on the wall and run through the cat6 cable in the wall. The extender support IR control which you can control your DVD player far from your TV side.

HDMI over Coaxial extenders which run through long distance via coaxial cable and support IR control.

Wireless HDMI Extender which transmit the signal without wire. It’s much convenient and having no wires hanging out all over the place. You can put the transmitter near the video source and receiver by the TV.

Wireless Hdmi Extender Office Using

Finally, Before buying an HDMI extender, consider whether it’s something you really need. If your run is 50 feet or less, a simple HDMI cable is enough for your needs. but for anything more, an HDMI extender may very well be necessary. Either way, an HDMI signal extender allows you to get more out of your entertainment, and most importantly, that makes it more than worth what it costs.

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