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How to ensure high quality and fair prices when buying hdmi in China? and How to reduce your risk for importing from China

Shenzhen is the largest High-Quality hdmi supplier city to source HDMI active optic cables, hdmi extenders,hdmi matrix, hdmi splitters, hdmi switchers, and hdmi matrix, and all audio-video products at a reasonable price. They are many manufacturers and trade companies there selling these products, and how to find good suppliers from these suppliers?  Most of the factories do OEM orders for simple assemble products at low cost, some of the factories have professional R&D teams to develop complex ODM products.  And when you search on B2B or B2C platforms, there are different price ranges from low to high with similar products. Well, sometimes the price is not real prices, it’s just attracts views and leads to top rankings.  Or they send you a lower quality product with low price. It’s normal and a common trick that a lot of china suppliers are playing to attract new customers. Here we would like to show you 9 scams when buying HDMI from China and suggestions for how to reduce these risks. 1.Increase Price after placing order The REAL Scam I want to mention here is this kind of situation: that the supplier quotes you a price that is much lower than other people in the beginning, and after you send over your deposit, they will suddenly ask for a higher price. They will make a lot of excuses like: the raw material price suddenly goes up or they find very high defect rate during production that increases a lot of costs. This kind

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hdmi aoc fiber cable connector sinowell

Why choose Active Optical HDMI cable for the newest HDMI 2.0/ HDMI 2.1 Technology?

HDMI fiber optical cable is not only a high-frequency cable, but also a professional technical electronic fiber optical device. It has Chip on Board on the Cable connector , we tested the compatibility issues, Reliability and Stability to ensure our cables are more compatible with a wider range of devices on the market. Active optical cable is ideal to convert high speed digital signal over long distances with uncompressed signals pass through. HD Video applies in home theatre, TV Walls, Video Surveillance, Church/School, Conference, Presentation, these all need long-distance uncompressed signal transmission. The HDMI AOC (Active optical cable) is the best economic choice for your application. Chip on Board : We use German Brand Chip ( Silicon Line)+Philips matrix laser (VCSEL) and some board we added Texas Instruments (TI)DDC Buffer Chip for longer length application. Silicon Chips are more stable ,low power consumption which are widely used in the market. One the Cable Source side (TX) , power consumption around 200mW and Display side ( RX) power consumption around 160mW,  thus compatible with all sources and displays in the market. Some customers told us that when they test the hdmi active optical fiber cables with Apple Box & Sony TV, there will be flashes and noise on the screen. Thus Our engineer developed an automatic error code test program to solve the issue to ensure all of our cables compatible with all of the customers’ requirements. We don’t recommend other chips although the cost is much cheaper,  Those cheaper cables

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Why we need a HDMI to USB capture converter?

The world that we’re in now with everything going virtual, with e-learning, with virtual meetings and webinars, those what we need is an HDMI to USB capture which connects with your webcam and your PC. Overview It’s passive and doesn’t need a power supply, hdmi source coming in and convert to USB signal which connects to our computer, with the help of software which is open source we can actually edit video, we can recordings and we can edit any hdmi signal coming in. It’s a great solution for virtual meetings, learning, we can record the entire webinar if we wanted to. For the gamers, we have got a game console in this connection diagram, they can actually record their gaming content. It’s multiple used in different video recordings. This capture also supports 4K. Someone told us that it appears to be capturing at a frame rate much lower than 30fps, the frame rate is closer to 20fps. OBS offers the option to set the frame rate from 5-30fps. 20fps seems to be a more substantial motion blur. A 1/2 second delay may cause the video and the audio from your external mic to be slightly out of sync. For basic connect with camera for streaming, podcasts, and web chat, this 1080p mini USB capture is totally adequate. It’s good enough for machine vision, previewing or still frames. High end & Professional If you need professional capture which with 4K 30Hz resolution and HDMI loop out, audio outputs, and upgrade your

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Honestly is as important in business as in life

In recent months, We Sinowell Manufacturer Ltd also had been puzzled as to what has allowed us to accumulate a fortune from just a handful of clients over the past decade or so. What has kept Sinowell from having almost no disputes about product quality for the past decade? What is it that has kept Sinowell from encountering almost no pitfall clients in the last decade? If it has to be squeezed, it’s One word – Honestly. Well, We are the businessman who was despised by everyone for using one rule for over a decade. Because honestly, Sinowell only work with reliable suppliers, each purchase order even if only a few dozen dollars, we will always sign a contract! At that time (2008), many suppliers thought that our company was quite different. That’s how We use a contract to sift through a bewildering number of markets to find a supplier with a good fit that aligns with our point of view. We doubt the reliability of the product quality of a supplier who is not even willing to sign a contract, and We also doubt the compatibility and service level of a supplier who is not even willing to sign a contract. After all these years, it’s not surprising that the supplier is now contracting with us. Because of Honestly,Sinowell only quote reliable sources for customer inquiries. Unreliable source of goods, no matter how high the profit, we are not bothered. Because of honesty, We honestly give customers quotes without changing the PCB board

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