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ASIC Miners Parts and Repair Tools

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asic miner repari
asic miner repair

During the process of shipping for those heavy ASIC Miners, there will be some damage to miners, like problems with Fans/PSU/Hash boards/Control boards because international logistics would not take good care of the heavy items. Meanwhile, the miner will stop working after working for a long time.

For Hash boards and Control boards, we could support free repairs if you don’t mind affording the Round-trip shipping.

For Used miners, we strongly suggest that it’d purchase extra spare parts like Fans/PSU as preparation for exchanges because they usually get damaged during the long trip shipping easily.

pro repair

We offer full series of ASIC Miner’s parts, like Antminers Parts, Whatsminer Parts, Avalon Parts, Innosilicon Parts, and Goldshell KD Box parts.

Among those parts, we have basic chips, hash board, fans, power supply, power cord cable, capacitor, control board.

Regarding to the repair tools, We have Antminer test fixture, Tin tool sets, hash board code editor, universal chip fixture , Portable desoldering gun, Headband Magnifier,oscilloscope, Electronic magnifier, ANLIXIN-862D desoldering station,205H high-frequency soldering station, DDR5 DDR5X DDR6 combination Tin Tools, etc.

asic repari
hash board repair

We also offer programs like L3+ Tester Production File, universal Antminer test fixture TF card programs, and Antminer hash board PIC file.

If you have mining farm, we can offer you Combined shelf, Negative pressure fan, Power socket module, Mobile miner box, ASIC miner external water cooling radiator fan, Miner water cooling water pump.

For more information, kindly please call us at Whatsapp 86 13728685427 or Email us at

You can reach us 24/7.

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