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Reflections and thoughts

Table of Contents

Doing business is something that requires mental and physical strength.The continuation of the company relies on the accumulation of the past,the accumulation of time consumed is not infinite.

Some companies are flow thinking, some are product thinking.

We temporarily belong to the latter, the former latter is not superior or inferior, past thinking confined to the latter, did not think about the former, the two do not conflict, future growth comes from the new organization of the former, as well as the continued maintenance of the latter.

The mission and values of the company are extremely important when the company enters the mid-term.

The mission needs to be deeply understood and believed in by the founder, it is the compass of the company, the key guiding factor of the second, third…n curve, and is a great challenge for the founder. Both of these are very difficult and very important, and are long-term projects.


some industries to achieve the first only 5 billion market value, some industries do a sloppy 50 billion market value, the track is limited to pursue greater breakthroughs inescapable problems, limited by one of the reasons, too early to start, not deep enough knowledge, web era entrepreneurs natural disadvantage in the more efficient short video live era, limited by the second reason, organizational capacity is limited, can not be fast and agile to new opportunities The second reason for this limitation is the limited organisational ability to organise new opportunities quickly and agilely.

The future is more important is the building of the organization, the building of the culture, the building of the system; more need to not be stagnant, self-righteous, complacent in the level of billion revenue, abandoning the simple personal wealth growth thinking, increase the exchange of external, diligent thinking.

The greatest value of entrepreneurship lies in the continuous excavation of the upper limit of self, looking back without regret.

Good talent does not need to deliberately cultivate, find the right talent is the focus, the right people, the right culture, the right treatment.

the general direction must achieve the strategy, down to the individual must OKR, so that excellent employees have a higher income and a sense of achievement, more decent work.

Investment on the underlying logic did not find a bug, but do not rule out a small bug, humility, the pleasure of investment to make money has been less than the pleasure of cognitive cash, the wrong cognition needs to reflect, feed into the thinking of entrepreneurship, the formation of a higher perspective of the cognitive system.

A billion, ten billion, a hundred billion bosses have contact, the higher the segment, the simpler the life, the simpler the conversation,

The essence is that everyone is very clear about what they want, what they do not want, what they should do, what they should not do.

No matter what life, work, investment, entertainment, do well are only two points, A) see the essence of things, B) thorough implementation, in fact, only one point that see the essence, really see actually natural will go to the implementation.

Age reason, will not start a business again depends on whether now can be ready (organization, cognitive reserve, learning power), also depends on whether there can match the new market opportunities, as well as the heart, physical strength; do not force, not absent; everything is arranged, do well yourself, like SimaYi wait for that opportunity to come. I envy the young entrepreneurs nowadays, the high density of information, the high intensity of learning, the more efficient market, the combination of the three bursts often in an instant, the future is promising.

Our mission is to make more people understand business and take the right step when it comes to major decisions in life, and it is also an important product that pushes me to keep improving my output.

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