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How to Overclocking Crypto Mining & Immersion Cooling Solution

Table of Contents

How to push the limits on your Antminer s19 to reach a higher hash rate?

With the solution, S19 can be overclocked up to 150T,160T, and 200T.

What do you need to prepare for overclocking crypto miners?

You need a new board, higher power supply up to 4500W, 6000W, and 8000W which are professional overclocking solutions and your anterminer S19 95t, 104t,or 110T. Meanwhile including an immersion cooling system.

overclocking board
overclocking board for Anterminer s19 s19jpro

Below are details of different overclocking PSUs for different hash rate for your reference.

8000w power supply 1

8000W Overclocking Power Supply
for S19pro 110T overclock  to 180T+/ immersion cooling

6000W Overclocking Power Supply
for S19pro 110T overclock to 150T+/ immersion cooling

4500W Overclocking Power Supply
for S19pro 110T overclock to 130T+ / fan cooling

Three kinds of Overclocking Boards 
board 1:  for S19pro 110T overclock to 150T+ by oil cooling
board 2:  for S19pro 110T overclock to 130T+ by fan cooling
board 3:  for S19 95T overclock to 110T+ by fan cooling

When you prepared well for those, then you can start assembling the board and remove the old PSU with the overclocking PSU.below video for your reference.

After finishing reassemble the board and PSU, then put the miner into the oil immersion cooling system.

oil cooling and overclocking crypto mining hashrate

Hope those information makes your crypto mining business more profitable.

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