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5 Steps to replace your ASIC Miner Board Controller Easily

Table of Contents

Replace the control board for your ASIC miner is very simple, just follow below steps and you will also be a repair engineer. ( Put on gloves on your hands will be safer.)

1. Remove the ASIC Fans from the miner , took off the fan cable from the control board.

2. Remove the cable between control board and hash board.

3. Take out the hashboard and clean the board, make sure the heat sink stick well on the hash board.

4. Take out the broken control board and replace the new board, make sure the led light and plan ports fits well with the miner shell.

5. Connect all the cables well and assemble the fans well.

If All done well and connect the power to test the miner.

The below video shows one of the professional Computer engineer’s operations for your reference.

Replace ASIC control board easily

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