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How to check Antminer Power supply troubleshooting

Table of Contents

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Antminer Power supply Common Troubleshooting

Fan don’t work, no 12V output

Reason:The power supply on the AC side  is abnormal

Ways to deal with

1.Check the AC side if the connector connect tightly

2.Check whether the grid has power and the voltage is normal

Fan work normally, no 12V Output

Reason: 1.low grid voltage ,2.power protection

Ways to deal with

1.Use a multimeter to confirm that the current voltage is above 250V, so as to ensure that the power supply can be turned on 100%

2.Check if the power supply has output or overload. This situation will cause the power supply to enter the lock-up protection state. It can be restored after removing the fault and restarting the power supply.

After the power supply stops outputting for a few seconds, it resumes normal working, and continues to work for a few minutes and then stops outputting, trouble happens repeatedly

Reason: The power supply has entered the over-temperature protection

Ways to deal with

1.Check if the fan work normally
2.Check whether the cooling air channel of the power supply is blocked
3.Check whether the power supply has been used for a long time and there is too much dust accumulated inside
4.Check the voltage used by the power supply or the surrounding temperature exceeds the value of the power supply power setting curve

Miner output normally, but fan didn’t work

Reson: Fan broken

Ways to deal with

1.Check if the fan is blocked by other things is broken

A normally working power supply suddenly has no output and won’t start again

Reason: Overcurrent protection of the power supply

Ways to deal with

Check whether the power supply of the load momentarily exceeds the upper limit of the overcurrent protection of the power supply.

The power supply sets the overcurrent protection to a locked state to prevent the power supply continuing to output when the load is abnormal,and causing dangerous situations such as fire.

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