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2Channel Dante Audio Panel

2CH Dante Analog Audio Transmitter and Receiver with POE

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 3 cm
Analog maximum gain


Frequency response


Maximum input level


Maximum output level



< 0.001% @ 4dBu

Floor noise


Input impedance

20 kΩ

Output impedance


Detailes About 2Channel Dante Audio Panel

Dante 2channel Analog Audio with POE,XLR


Dante panel Series wall interface machine, which has analog input and Dante digital input, analog line output and Dante digital output, analog input support phantom power supply, and manual front gain adjustment.


This product supports two sets of balanced I/O analog signal access to the Dante system through a local network. With combo XLR input interfaces. Provides the function of the phantom power and the input signal gain adjustment.
The output interface is a standard three-pin XLR socket, with analog signal output balance. The four output versions
can be selected. Please use CAT5 or above to connect the PoE switch.


⚫ For analog signal and Dante signal conversion.
⚫ Support 2 channel analog inputs, 2 channel analog outputs.
⚫ Support 2 channel Dante inputs, 2 channel Dante outputs.
⚫ The input channel has a phantom power switch and a gain manual adjustment knob.
⚫ PoE power supply, 802.3af, 802.3at standard PoE switch.

Suggestion: We recommend that you use the standard type 120 wall box we provide for your installation.



Sampling Rate 48KHz Channel Isolation 100dB @1k Hz
Phantom Power 48V Common Mode Rejection 80dB @80 Hz
Frequency Response 20 ~ 20K Hz,±0.5dB Maximum Line Input 20dBu
THD+N ≦0.005% @4dBu Maximum Line Output 11dBu
Input Impedance (Balanced) 20kΩ Floor Noise -90dBu
Output Impedance (Balanced) 100Ω Operating Power Supply PoE Power Supply



Conference room, multi-function hall, reserved hidden input and output interface.

Questions and Answers

Power indicators light out.
A: Check whether the POE switch is connected to the device.
B: Check whether the network connection line is normal;
The way to check is to use this network cable to connect PC to the switch, whether Link light and data light flicker.
C: Equipment damage, contact INFOBIT to get technical support.

No signal after the microphone is connected.
A: Set the input route through the Dante Controller software.
B: Check the type of the microphone, if it is a capacitive microphone, please open the illusion power switch.
C: Improve the gain of the preamplifier circuit.

No XLR output signal?
A: Check if the audio route has been sent to the corresponding channel through the Dante Controller software.
B: Check the normal work of the power amplifier and the horn.

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