9x3 Seamless Presentation Switcher+Multiviewer with DP,USB-C,HDBT

Home theatre Presentation System 9×3 seamless switcher with multiviewer ,HDBaset, RS232, control,Displayport,USB-C support

Additional information

Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 43 × 22 × 5 cm
HDMI Version

HDMI 2.0b


up to 3840×2160@60hz




2 HDMI, 1 HDBaseT
1 5-way captive female screw connector
1 Mini Toslink connector


Full Screen PIP/PAP/Tri/Quad-view Multiview 5 configurable display modes

Video Resolution

Up to 4K2K@50/60Hz(YUV4:4:4)

9 Inputs

7 HDMI, 1 DP, 1 USB-C


Venues, Government, Retail, Hospitality, Residential, Corporate, Education

Detailes About 9x3 Seamless Presentation Switcher+Multiviewer with DP,USB-C,HDBT


9x3 seamless presentation switcher+multiviewer with dp,usb c,hdbt

PIP/PAP/Tri/Quad-view Multiview functionality 18Gbps 9×3 Seamless HDMI Switcher 


Seamless UHD Presentation Switcher
With Multiview Control



This device is a seamless multi-format presentation switcher with 7 HDMI 2.0 inputs, 1 Display Port input and 1 USB-C (Video and Audio only) input. It provides three mirrored outputs – HDMI A, HDMI B for local display and HDBaseT output for a remote HDBaseT receiver and display.
It provides 4 balanced LR audio inputs and 2 microphone inputs
This device support display multiple sources on a single screen up to 4 display window
User can easily manage it via the front buttons,Remoter,RS232, TCP/IP commands.


7 HDMI inputs, 1 DP input, 1 USB-C (Video and Audio only) input
3 mirrored outputs – HDMI A, HDMI B and HDBaseT
Support Long Reach HDBaseT transmission, 150m@1080P and 120m@4K
Support HDMI 2.0,HDCP 2.2, video resolution up to 3840×2160@60
Support SINGLE,PIP,PBP,3xWIN,4xWIN display mode
Provide up to 20 display scene to save or load
Seamless switching on single window display mode
Fast switching on non-single window display modes
Support independently audio selection (break away selection)
Support audio LPCM,AC3,DD+,DTS for Input HDMI1/2/3
Support 2 microphone inputs, both can be mixed with main audio
Independently microphones volume control and overall volume control
Support audio ducking function when microphone activated
Support balanced LR audio output and Toslink digital audio output
Support external LR input
Support multiple Test Pattern output
Support 48V iPOC power supply to remote HDBaseT receiver
Support OSD Menu navigation
9x3 seamless presentation switcher+multiviewer with dp,usb c,hdbt


The Switcher support 5 Multiview display modes


Users can select different operations for different Multiview modes as following:


PBP and 3xWIN: Inputs selection, Display Ratio selection

PIP: Inputs selection, Display Ratio selection, Sub window size and position selection


2023 5x2 seamless presentation switcher+multiviewer with dp,usb c,hdbt
User can do more layouts via RS232 commands and provide user defined multiview up to
10 scenes. The scene includes following points
Multiview Mode: SINGLE, PIP, PBP, 3xWIN, 4xWIN
SINGLE: Input selection
PIP: Inputs selection, Sub window size and position selection
PBP, 3xWIN, 4xWIN: Inputs selection, Layout Mode, Display aspect

Packing List

 1 × 9×3 Seamless Presentation Switcher
 1 × HDBaseT Receiver
 1 × AC Power Cord
 1 × 3-way male Captive Screw Connector
1 × 5-way male Captive Screw Connector
 1 × User Manual

Video and Audio

Support compressed audio such as AC3, DD+, DTS to pass through via HDMI cable with INPUT 1/2/3.
Beside HDMI(DP,USB-C) inner audio,there are 4 balanced LR audio inputs and one mute-NONE for main audio selection and this main audio selection is broken away from video selection.
So there are total 14 options for main audio selection:
WIN1, HDMI1, HDMI2,…HDMI7,DP,USB-C,LR1,LR2,LR3,LR4 WIN1 means the main audio is always taken from the source of window 1.
Both microphones (one is Microphone-Line only) can be mixed together with main audio and audio ducking function can be enabled when microphone is activated.
Microphone and overall volume control can be done by RS232 command or front buttons and knob.
Please note when main audio is compressed format such as AC3 or DTS, the switcher can ’ t do microphone mixer. And will pass through main audio to downstream.
The switcher support multiple-resolution video input up to 3840×2160@60

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