2 Port 4K60 HDMI Video Capture HDMI To USB 1080P USB 3.0

4K HDR HDMI Splitter 1×2 with USB 3.0 1080P Video capture card


Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 6.7 × 2.6 × 1.3 cm
HDMI Version

2.0 18Gbps


4K 60 HZ, YCbCr 4:4:4 HDR


HDCP 2.2 HDCP1.4

Video output format


Audio Format Support


HDMI input resolution

2160P 60Hz

Detailes About 2 Port 4K60 HDMI Video Capture HDMI To USB 1080P USB 3.0

1080P USB 3.0 4K60 HDMI Splitter 1×2 Video Capture Card

2 port 4k60 hdmi video capture hdmi to usb 1080p usb 3.0


Matters needing attention: 

This product does not require an external power supply when connected to the standard USB3.0 interface(which can provide 1A current) of the computer.

If connected to the USB2.0 interface of the computer or other conditions of insufficient power supply, must be connected to an external power auxiliary power supply, Auxiliary power must be supplied by the attached USB-DC3.5 cable at this point.

When the audio cable is inserted into the analog audio input port, USB output audio will give priority to analog input audio.

If no audio input from the analog audio input port, the HDMI input audio will be selected This product supports mobile phone headset access, and the type of headset plug supported is 3.5mm plug of international standard (CTIA).

PC side hardware configuration requirements

Hardware devices Recommended configuration
CPU PC i5-3400 or above NB i7-3537U 2.0GHZ or above
Memory DDR3 4G or above
Graphics card PC NVIDIA GT630 or above NB NVIDIA GT735M or above
Hard disk 500G or above,SSD recommended

PC side system & software requirements

Type Recommended version
Operating System Windows XP/7/8/10 Andriod5.0 or above MacOS 10 or above Installation-free drive under normal conditions
Application Support most video capture software, such as PotPlayer, VLC, OBS, Amcap etc.

Note:The software copyright belongs to the third party company. Please use the licensed software, other wise all the consequences caused are undertaken by its own users.

Operation illustration

Operation Steps for video capture (Win7 and OBS for PC).

  1. Insert the Capture into the USB port of the PC, Check device identification in Control Panel \ Device Manager\ Image Devices list.
    Operation illustration
  2. Open the OBS software and click the【+】 button in the “Sources” control panel to add a video capture device.
    Open the OBS software
  3. Select the capture device to preview the capture screen normally. Then click 【OK】.
    Select the capture device
  4. Drag the red border to adjust the capture screen size.
    Drag the red border
  5. Click 【Settings】button in the lower right corner to enter the setting interface to set audio &video format, picture quality, output etc. After setting, click 【Start Recording】button.
    Click 【Settings】button


Model name: 2 Port HDMI Video Capture

Input ports: HDMI2.0 x2,LINE IN x1,MIC x1,DC3.5 x1,   Output ports: HDMI2.0 x1,USB3.0 x1, Headset x1

HDMI video resolution: 720P/1080P/2160P@24/30/50/60Hz

Audio format: LPCM2.0/32~192KHz/16/20/24Bit,  Input color space” RGB, YUV444, YUV422, YUV420

HDMI video output resolution: 3840×2160@60Hz Max.

Video capture resolution: 1920×1080@60Hz Max.,  Video output format: YUV or JPEG

HDMI input cable length: 2160P/AWG 26 ≤5m or1080P/AWG 26 ≤10m

HDMI output cable length: 2160P/AWG 26 ≤5m or1080P/AWG 26 ≤10m

Power supply mode: USB power supply / DC5V auxiliary power supply

Max working current: 600mA,  Working temperature range: -5 ~ +40℃

Working humidity range: 5 to 85%RH(No Condensation) ,Storage temperature: -15 to 55℃,

Storage humidity: 5 ~95%RH(No Condensation),  Size: 111x53x21 (mm)Weight144g

Accessories: Manual x1, Remote ,USB-DC3.5 power cable x1, 3.5mm audio cable x1,USB3.0(Type A) cable x1

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