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What is high-end HDMI2.1 Active Optical fiber cable ?

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Theoretically, hdmi fiber optic cable is sent to the receiving end by the optical signal from the fiber core through the laser. When the signal entering the fiber is more adequate, the signal integrity is better, and vice versa, there will be loss, which directly affects the picture quality and sound, as shown in the figure

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However, as a rule, HDMI fiber optic cable has four internal fibers, which need to be coupled with four lasers. And in fact, this part of the technology is not easy to achieve. As long as a group of optical fiber coupling problems, The line will become substandard. Although the probability is still work, but the quality will be greatly reduced, and even will force the laser to take ultra-high load work to ensure normal operation, after a period of use, often produce graphic attenuation or lead to direct failure to work.

HDMI fiber optic cable products are passed through a special optical power test link to determine whether the coupling is up to standard, by skilled engineers, through 700,000 yuan worth of Keyence amplification of professional instruments to operate to ensure that the fiber and convex mirror to achieve perfect alignment and improve the precision of the entire HDMI fiber optic cable. It can be said that the efficiency of the secondary conversion of photo electricity is effectively improved. This is precisely the secret key to customizing  high precision.

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Most of the current HDMI fiber optic cables are optoelectronic hybrid cables, where the EDID signal and HDCP are transmitted by the DDC channel. It needs to use copper cores instead of optical fiber to transmit. In order to avoid the signal attenuation caused by distance transmission, special silver-plated copper material and special shielding technology is used to achieve both 30 meters long distance lossless signal transmission, but also to avoid interference from the surrounding environment and equipment to it.

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We pay great attention to each component, rather than simply directly using the public version of the program. Using all imported components, even the most insignificant resistors, capacitors and other basic components are specially selected, the connector part is a thick metal shell with high specification 2K30u thickened gold-plated copper connectors, in order to have better conductivity with the HDMI interface on the device. The cable body, with wear-resistant nylon braided structure, in addition to better protection, but also to effectively avoid the present body knotted, easy to hide storage.

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Picture, the advantage of the picture details and brightness performance

What is the actual performance in terms of picture and sound? In terms of picture restoration, in the black bit and dark details presented, there is a better portrayal ability, the picture is cleaner and more transparent, but also can fully demonstrate the advantages of the top HDMI fiber optic cable in terms of picture energy and sunlight sense. Make the picture alive and well.

In terms of sound, Purity and full sense of energy are advantages

HDMI cable is not only responsible for the transmission of video signals, but also needs to take into account the transmission of audio signals, which can be said to be the key to affect the sound quality of the entire surround sound system. An important advantage in terms of sound is the tranquility of the background, allowing us to clearly identify a variety of tender sound details, including footsteps, environmental sounds and even the subtle echoes of space and so on. To do into the wood. In addition, the fullness of energy is equally impressive.

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