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You can run an HDMI about anywhere

Table of Contents

Audio Video signals run to a gazebo, a garage, a treehouse, downstairs, upstairs, pass through the wall ( click in wall wallplate extender).
you can interchange whatever source you have, cable box blu-ray player, SONY, PANASONIC, PIONEER, Samsung, Output compatible with different brands of HDTVs.

Below points explain you some professional function for better understanding and operation.

EDID and Zero Video Latency


Application Edid

EDID is the AV industry standard for your output display (your screen, TV, or projector) to communicate with your AV source device (for example your Sky Box or Blue-Ray player), sending detailed information on the display and sources capabilities (such as the size, format, and resolution of the screen).

Two steps to reset the EDID copy function?

1.Please connect the transmitter with the source and receiver with the display.
2.Press the EDID button in which the button is on the transmitter side for 1-2 seconds. Your status lights will change from red to green, then back to red. This indicates a successful EDID copy.

How long it can extend and which cable you can use ?


NOTE: We recommend using direct HDMI to HDMI connection,to avoid using signal converters or adapters at all costs. CAT 5 cable is NOT recommended because of the different quality levels in the market and solid (Aluminium) COPPER Cat 6 cable will display the best signal quality.

IR ( one-way direction IR control )

Sinowell Extender Ir Control

Plug the infrared sensor into your receiver and your transmitter, you can send IR signals more than 200ft length (added the cable length between transmitter with source and receiver with TV) control your DVD player over at your television.

3D support to make you feel home cinema more close to the view with 3D glasses, HD view


Conclusion of our customer’s questions:

Q: Does the extender can pass the wall?

Our HDMI extender can pass through the wall and distance up to 196ft. You can click this video for connecting with your laptop Youtube Video link. Below is our factory testing photos for your reference.

Qc Test

60meter Extender

Q: Does it work with the router?

This HDMI extender doesn’t work with a router, it’s a point to point application. We recommend you our TCP/IP Extender over 345ft which works fine with router and outputs to multiple 243 monitors. And you can also find out our HDMI Splitter 1×4 over 196ft which is an uncompressed signal with high clear pictures on TVs.

Q: How to set up the extender with a computer?

Set up with Computer Windows PC to an A/V receiver with full 7.1 audio

Image 5

Overheating Issue

Some of our customers feedback to us that the product getting overheating, we have added cooling material on the chip to lower the temperature and it can work more stable than other supplier’s products.
Well, there are many different kinds of extenders in the market, they look similar, even the same device inside. The difference is mostly chips, materials. All of our materials with Rohs certificates. All chips come from original factories, not second-hand or replaced chips.

Our factory is in Shenzhen which is an IT center in China. We have an SMT workshop and you can click the link for our SMT video.

Hope above information can help you learn more about extenders and solve your problem.

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