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HD Transparent Projection Display,AR displays

HD transparent projection displays, AR (Augmented reality) displays  for commercial displays, in-vehicle infotainment, HUDs, 3D cinemas, and AR glasses

Additional information

Weight 15000 g
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 cm
Product size

3000x2000mm for Transparent image wall,Naked-eye AR display screen;
450x450x1580mm for AR showcase


1920×1080 for Transparent image wall,Naked-eye AR display screen;
1280×800 for AR showcase



Built in storage

8G,16G ,32G, 1T,


3W, 6000,5500,5000,3600,3000,500


Android, Windows 10,



Multimedia format

JPEG,BMP,MPEG-1,MPEG-2,MPEG-4,H263,H264,H265,WAV etc.

Detailes About HD Transparent Projection Display,AR displays


Photonic Transparent Projection Film has the power to turn all clear media (glass, acrylic, etc.) into a HD high-resolution full color holographic display to visually enhanced digital signage, commercial displays, vehicle displays, HUDs, cinemas, Teaching Lightboard and AR glasses, etc.,

Products include all-in-one solutions—Holobot® AI Assistant, Showcase Cabinet Display, Transparent TV, Teaching Lightboard; and automobile HUD, on-road AR display solutions; tailor-made solutions for commercial, stage art, digital advertising, exhibitions, etc.

SpecialtiesAR Display, Transparent Display, Projection Display, Infotainment, Commercial Display, HUD, AI, Hologram, and Holographic Display

hd transparent projection display,ar displays

Transparent Projection Display is a proprietary nano-optic material that selectively reflects/scatters light from a projector, while being fully transparent enabling real world light pass through from the opposite side and overlaps a vivid projected image with a surrounding reality view. It can be made-to-measure to control light in different ways in various applications and empowered by its industry leading transmittance and ability to produce either real images on the substrate for pseudo holographic, 3D viewing experience or virtual images away from the substrate.

Transparent Motorized Display

A revolutionary technology that takes commercial display into a new era of “airborne imaging. Unlike traditional displays with limited mobility and a tendency to block views, our innovative transparent display offers complete transparency, and ultra-high definition, and can seamlessly blend into any space. Its unique ability to present crystal-clear, naked-eye 3D visuals from any position in the air creates a futuristic and sci-fi atmosphere, making it the ultimate display solution for advertising and exhibiting.

transparent projection display system


Exhibition halls, stage dances, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, KTV, commercial spaces.


👉 Flexibility – Rollable Transparent Film
👉 Visual Brilliance – Fully transparent, low haze, up to 8K resolution
👉 Large Size Available – 80″, 130″, 160″
👉 Extraordinary Mobility – suitable for repeated uses
👉 Versatile Ceiling-Hung Design – install anywhere you want!

With its magical capability to present crystal-clear, pseudo naked-eye 3D visuals from any position in the air,  Motorized Rollable Display creates a captivating futuristic, immersive atmosphere, making it the ultimate display solution for stage & event, showroom, advertising and exhibiting applications.

hd transparent projection display,ar displays

Photonic Transparent TV

It is an exquisite desktop holographic display that combines every element for a futuristically novel presentation on your countertop.It presents HD bright images on a completely transparent glass panel, suitable for exhibition halls, shopping malls, conference rooms, and the everyday home.


Office, exhibition halls, museums, retail store, everyday home and other scenes.

Product Features

  • 360° visible fully transparent, ultra-high-definition, full-color display.
  • Economical choice at 1/3 of OLED transparent display market prices.
  • Fuse virtual media and reality view into a futuristic display device.
  • Ultra-thin screen, All-in-One Plug and Play easy install.
hd transparent projection display,ar displays

AR Teaching Lightboard

It is a technologically advanced system for disruptive online video teaching. It comprises a transparent projection screen, an integrated LED projector and touch control technology. And with simply any household cameras or smartphones, teaching sessions including facial expression, handwriting, and physical presentation, now can be easily recorded and preserved for further online distribution. Through teaching content instantly displayed on the whiteboard, our solution retains face to face communications between teachers and students for better and more effective educational experience.
Online tutorial, Vlog, YouTube, live video streaming

Product Features

  • Face-to-face teaching with instant content displayed on the whiteboard
  • Keep up eye-to-eye teachers, students communication
  • Dual smooth handwriting modes available
  • Quality educational live streaming teaching, no further video post-processing needed
  • IR touch technology for a better and more effective educational experience

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