New HDR HDMI 2.0 Switch Splitter 2X2 with audio EDID

New 4K HDR Switch Splitter 2×4 18Gbps HDMI matrix switch 2X2 ULTRA HD 4:4:4


Additional information

Weight 153 g
Dimensions 11.2 × 5.3 × 2.1 cm
HDMI Version

2.0b 18Gbps


4K 60 HZ, YCbCr 4:4:4 HDR


HDCP 2.2 HDCP1.4




Support Up and Down

Audio Format Support

Dolby HD, DTS HD, Dolby Atoms, Dolby AC3, DTS5.1, Dolby Digital, 7.1ch, Dolby 5.1, Dolby true HD, LPCM 2.0 Etc

HDMI Input Port

2 Ports, 3 Ports, 4 Ports, 5 Ports



Detailes About New HDR HDMI 2.0 Switch Splitter 2X2 with audio EDID

HDMI Matrix HDMI 2.0 Switch Matrix 2×2 2.0 HDMI Switch Matrix 2×2 1080P
2160P 4K 60HZ

Matters needing attention:

Function description of “SWITCH ” key:

Press this key to rotate the input channel between 1/2 in normal working mode.

Long press this button for more than 3 seconds to put the product into standby mode and all indicator lights go out. Press this button to wake up the machine when the device is in standby mode.

Function description of “Audio EDID Mode” key:

When the AUDIO indicator is off, set the AUDIO EDID mode to “LOW”. At this time, the output ports A and B can normally output sound, the device has the best compatibility. When the AUDIO indicator is off, set the AUDIO EDID mode to “HIGH”. The output audio quality is optimal at this time, but it is possible that only one display device can output sound. This is because the other display device doesn’t support this sound format, so it doesn’t make any sound.

Function description of “SOURCE” switch:

When the input is connected to an HDMI1.4 or lower version of the signal source and the output is connected to the HDMI2.0 display device, the display device may be abnormal or unable to be displayed due to version incompatibility. At this time, you can try to select the switch at position 1.4. In other cases, it is recommended to select the switch at position 2.0.

Function description of “Scale Down”

When using HDMI2.0 signal source input, one output port is connected to an HDMI2.0 TV and the other output port is connected to an HDMI1.3 TV. At this time, The Scale Down feature will allow one port to output 4K signals and another port to automatically scale down the resolution to 1080P. This feature is on by default, and both output ports support scale down.


Model name HDR HDMI Switch Splitter 2×2
Input channel 2 port
Output channel 2 port
Video format 480P/720P/1080P/2160P@60/50/30/25/24(Support1080P@120)

Supports HDR and Dolby Vision

Scale down format Supports 4K@60/50/30/25/24(RGB/YCbcr444/422/420) scale down to1080P
Deep color 8/10/12Bit@480P/720P/1080P 8Bit@2160P
Audio format Dolby HD/DTS HD/Dolby Atoms/Dolby AC3/DTS/LPCM Etc.
Transmission bandwidth 25~600MHz
Transmission rate 0.75~18Gbps
Input cable length 2160P/AWG 26 ≤5m;1080P/AWG 26 ≤10m
Output cable length 2160P/AWG 26 ≤5m;1080P/AWG 26 ≤12m
Power adapter specification Input: AC 100~240V / Output: DC 5V/1A
Max working current 350mA
Working temperature range -5 ~ +40℃
Working humidity range 5 to 85%RH(No Condensation)
Storage temperature -15 to 55℃

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