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Universal Central Control System

Programmable Central Control for Commanding center, automated office system, multi-media room and smart home

Additional information

Weight 2100 g
Dimensions 44 × 20 × 4.4 cm

4× 9-pin Phoenix Connectors, for two-way RS-232/422/485 serial data communication
4× 3-pin Phoenix Connectors, for RS-232 serial data communication


2× 8-pin Phoenix Connectors, for IR transmitting or one way RS-232 serial data communication


multi-media conference rooms, multi functional halls, training centers, show room, broadcasting studios and industrial automation.


ARM Cortex-A53 1.8GHz

Operation System

Android 9

RAM,Flash Memory



1× IR Learning LED, 1× Power LED, 1× LAN LED, 1× Status LED,
8× TX LEDs, 8× RX LEDs, 8× IR/Serial LEDs, 8× Relay LEDs, 8× I/O LEDs


2× 8-pin Phoenix Connectors, low-voltage relays, isolated, normally open, switching up to 30VDC, 2A / 125VAC, 1A


2× 5-pin Phoenix Connectors, for digital signal inputting


A standard 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet RJ45 interface
1× USB TYPE A (function reserved)


1× USB TYPE B, 1× 4-pin Phoenix Connectors, private bus interface (function reserved) , 1× RESET, for restoring factory default,1× IR learning Window

Detailes About Universal Central Control System

Programmable Universal Central Control System

universal central control system


The Integrated Controller is designed to be utilized in the sectors of commanding center, automated office system, multi-media room and smart home. With a programmable interactive user interface over configuration protocols, the integrated system provides intelligent networking service, ideal for the establishment of modern commanding and control center.

The Controller features 8 two-way serial ports, 8 IR outputs, 8 Relay ports, 8 digital I/O ports and 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, suitable for large-scale application systems to control multiply devices.

The Controller is used in a diverse range of installations and applications across industries including emergency alarming centers, C4ISR solutions, governmental administration centers, smart buildings, multi-media conference rooms, multi-functional halls, training centers, showroom, broadcasting studios, and industrial automation.


☆ With 8 two-way serial ports to connect matrixes, projectors or other A/V devices

☆ With 8 IR outputs/one-way serial ports to connect DVD, TV sets, or other home appliances

☆ With 8 relay ports to control lights, doors or curtains

☆ With 8 digital inputs to receive sensor signals

☆ Capable of connecting with Ethernet-control devices for Ethernet monitoring and control

☆ IR learning

☆ Provide a superb-performance Web server, supporting on-line firmware upgrade

☆ Compliant with standard network communication protocols

☆ Password protection against unauthorized accesses

☆ Built-in sync clocks

☆ Standard 1U rack mounting

☆ 220V AC power supply

☆ Support factory reset


universal central control system

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