8x8 Audio Processor (Dante 4x4)

Newest Dante Processor 8X8 for Smart System Integration

Additional information

Weight 3370 g
Dimensions 44 × 25 × 4.5 cm
Input ports

12 × Balanced MIC/LINE [3-pin phoenix connector] or
6 × Stereo Audio [3-pin phoenix connector]

Output ports

12 × Balanced LINE [3-pin phoenix connector] or
6 × Stereo audio [3-pin phoenix connector]

Digital Audio Interfaces

2 × Dante [RJ45]


1 × LAN [RJ45],1 × RS-232 [3-pin phoenix connector],
8 × GIPO [10-pin phoenix connector]]



THD+N (1KHZ@+4dBu)


SNR (linear input)


Dynamic Range


Channel Level Difference


Detailes About 8x8 Audio Processor (Dante 4x4)

Digital audio processor  8×8 


This digital audio processor is typically used for video conference, distant learning, andtelemedicine.

It features 8-ch MIC/linear inputs, and 8-ch linear outputs. The product can process audio signals with algorithms, such as, full-band Adaptive Echo Cancellation (AEC), Adaptive Noise Suppression (ANS), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), and Auto Mixer, to output a clear, clean and resonant sound with high Signal-to-Noise ratio. Concise but intelligent, the processor is designed to be applied in scenarios without additional software assistance for debugging. It is ready to use after installation, perfect for project implementation and testing.

The product can be applied in a diverse range of installations and applications across industries, such as, smart system integration in small-medium sized conference room, instruction recording and distance teaching in education, court trial recording and virtual court trial in judiciary, surgery recording and video consultation in healthcare service, and command center establishment in governmental projects.


☆ Provide 8-ch balanced MIC/linear inputs and 8-ch balanced linear outputs

☆ Support adaptive feedback suppression function

☆ Support the full-band adaptive acoustic echo cancellation technology

☆ Dynamic adaptive noise reduction technology is provided to reduce noise with signal levelup to 18dB

☆ Auto Mixer function is provided to set the order of priority when multiple microphones are inputat one time

☆ Inclusive of Digital signal processing modules such as Expander, Equalizer, Compressor,Auto Gain Control, Limiter, High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter and Delay

☆ Capable to switch matrix routings

☆ Support volume control, meter, scene control, etc.

☆ 48V phantom power supply for 8-ch MIC inputs

☆ 48KHz sampling rate, 24-bit for A/D or D/A conversion

☆ Support 8-ch programmable GPIO function

☆ Compatible to run on Win 7 and Win 10, with standard RJ45 interface control

☆ Support RS-232 serial commands control

8x8 audio processor (dante 4x4)

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