100Meter to 300Meter Long HDMI Fiber Cable HDMI2.0 HDMI2.1 4K 8K Active optical fiber cable

10Meter to 100Meter Long Active Optical HDMI Cable / HDMI Fiber Optical Cable  HDMI 2.0 4k /2.1 8k Slim and Flexible  Detachable Head Passing Through Small Pipeline

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
HDMI Version

HDR HDMI 2.0 4K, HDMI 2.1 8K

Cable OD

OD 4.5mm


2.2, 2.0, 1.4


4K * 2K @ 60P, 8K @ 60P


18Gbps, 48Gbps






10M (32.8ft), 15M(49.2ft), 20M(65.6ft), 30M(98.4ft), 40M(131.2ft), 50M(164ft), 75M(246ft), 100M(328ft)

Graphics Card

Support testing with 3090 Passed 8K

Pass through Pipe

HDMI 2.0 Detachable Head Support Passing through Small Pipeline


6 Year Warranty

Detailes About 100Meter to 300Meter Long HDMI Fiber Cable HDMI2.0 HDMI2.1 4K 8K Active optical fiber cable

18-48Gbps 4-core Active Optical HDMI Cable | 4K/8K HDR 4:4:4/60 | Kevlar strengthened | Detachable Head | CPR Rated

HDMI Active optical cable is a new generation HDMI cable designed for the newest 4K/8K HDR content.It offers a unique feature set in both delivering uncompressed HDMI content at up to 18Gbps/24Gbps/48Gbps and compatibility with emerging HDMI technologies such as ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) &VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) using the latest in optical transmission technology. Now established as the most powerful form of HDMI extension, the AOC cable offer the best of both worlds:pixel-perfect long distance transmission of content and native HDMI communication.This model features a detachable RX head and is certified for fire safety.

Hdmi Aoc 8k

AOC HDMI 2.0 cable 4K /UHD Support : 4096X2160 or 3840X2160 50/60HZ at 4:4:4

Support HDCP, EDID, No need extra power supply.

Length: 10M (32.8ft), 15M(49.2ft),20M(65.6ft),30M(98.4ft),



  • HDMI AOC 2.0 S series , 18 Gbps  ; power consumption≦ 250 mW;  4096X2160@60 Hz,  4:4:4;
  • The AOC is fully shielded, photoelectric modules are encapsulated in metal fully shielded inner shells. length:10- 100M;
  • Using pass-through technology, plug and play, better compatibility;
  • HDMI plugs are made of PVC exterior injection molding. They have three sets of general installation marks: “TX/RX”, “Source/Display” etc. The product is directional and cannot be installed incorrectly;
  • No need external power supply, the Source port takes 5V power supply from the HDMI port of the host device, and the copper wire of the hybrid cable supplies power to the photoelectric module of the Display terminal;
  • Audio and video signals are transmitted by optical fibers, which ensures that the signals are authentic, non-attenuation and perfect audio-visual effect;
  • Support audio return :ARC
  • Support HDCP2.2; 1.4; HDR function;
  • The fiber cables are light, thin and soft.


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