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Connecting and Operating ( HDMI Extender )

Table of Contents

Transmitter–Source Input

Connect the signal source such as Blu-Ray Player, Play Station 3, audio/video receiver, cable or satellite receivers, and computers equipped with HDMI output interfaces with a short high-speed HDMI cable to the HDMI Transmitter input. HDMI cable length should not exceed 16 ft.

Connect the HDMI Transmitter output RJ-45 ports using a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 UTP cable to the included Receiver. It is strongly recommended that factory terminated cable assemblies be used and their length shall not exceed 164 ft of Cat 5e and 196 ft of Cat 6 for the 60 m extenders and 196 ft and 393 ft respectively for the 120 m extenders. Please click here to find out more products on our website.

Receiver–Display Output

Connect the HDMI output from the Receiver to high-definition display devices such as HD-LCD, HD-DLP, and HD projectors with HDMI input interfaces. Use high-speed HDMI cables that are recommended for the distances that are required for each connection. HDMI cable length should not exceed 16 ft.

Power Adapter

The Transmitters are powered by an external power supply which is included. Connect power first to the source, then to the Transmitter and then to each HD TV or projector.

IR Call back Control

The source can be controlled from the display. This is accomplished by using an optional IR Receiver pigtail pointing away from the display, which can be connected to the receiver portion of the extender. The IR Transmitter pigtail is then connected to the sender of the extender and pointed at the source.( IR function available with 120m extender). Click here for these products.

Setting Notes

While playing HD audio and video content, turn on the HD TV set and use the “Information” button on the remote to check for a 1080p/60 or 24 Hz resolution. If you have difficulty getting a picture, go to the TV’s “set-up menu” and adjust the resolution. A 24 Hz vertical refresh rate may work better than a 60 Hz vertical refresh rate since a long time period is provided for the HDMI signal to be authenticated every couple of seconds.

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