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2020 Newest How to use OBS & PotPlayer to record video?

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Perfect Record,Perfect your content

Game Capture, Live Capture, Pro-Stream, and record in 1080p60hz, superior low latency technology, H.264 hardware encoding.


Stream and record your Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch gameplay. 1080p quality with 60 fps.
Built-in live streaming to Twitch, YouTube & more; Click here for more products on our website.

Capture Bitrate: Up to 60 Mbps
Instant Gameview: stream with superior low latency technology
Master copy: Simultaneous 1080p60 H. 264 recording while streaming
Input: Play Station 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (unencrypted HDMI),

Output : HDMI (lag-free pass-through) Upto 1080p60.

How to use OBS to record video?

How to use PotPlayer to record video?

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    1. Hi Sean,

      Thanks for your question. For windows system of Desktop computer, we suggest system up to I5 or I6. Laptop notebook up to I7.
      If you have any other questions, please send us mail

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