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Why choose us ?

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Shipping from the Shenzhen China factory directly worldwide, cheap and fast !

global express

We have long-term forwarder who offer most competitive price for door to door service within one week delivery from China to your country. We have different methods to solve the additional import duties /customs fees to lower down your cost. Meanwhile, we will keeping following the tracking number and keep you updated .If you have any questions about customs clearance , we will always here to help you to solve every problems.

 We take quality very seriously, arithmetic is the life of the machine, customers buy every machine, as long as the machine from the Shenzhen test center out, no matter how many quantity, we can always provide the machine’s arithmetic chart and the corresponding machine code.

Our principle is: do not let go of any machine with problems, it’s immoral to send out the bad machine. if the machine has not been tested, it is estimated that at least 10% of the machine is not up to the standard or bad arithmetic. So strict testing is very important for the machines. Arithmetic is the life of the machine, it will be scrap metal without arithmetic. Testing video is our proof that showing product tested 100% before shipping and 100% working well. Only do justice and transparency, your customers will be more and more.

Packaging is very import during transportation

box packaging

We will provide professional customized thickened foam new packaging to avoid brutal transportation. In fact, 30% of machine damage caused by brutal transportation.

72 Hours Warranty for Second-Hand Machines

Most suppliers offer 24 hours warranty for second-hand machines. However, we are the first one who offer 72 hours warranty for used machines. And We will clean the machine completely to make sure good dissipation and perfect arithmtic. Easy and Fast Free repair well service within one week after customer returned back from abroad.

We Have All Options Of Miners To Meet Your Needs. Get Quote In A Few Hours!

We offer different coins miners like Bitcoin miners, ETH, ZEC/ZEN,DRC,LTC,SC,HNS,CKB,GRIN. And different brand miners, like Antminer, Whatsminer, Innosilicon, STU, Avalon, Fourbull, Goldshell, iPollo,

coins 1

No Order Too Small 1pcs – 1 million+

We offer wholesale price for all customers. No quantity required.

Lifetime Support And Technical Service

5 Years Warranty for brand new machines.

Once order confirmed,delivery in 3 working days.

Multiple payment options like: PayPal, Western Union,T/T Transfer

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