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Why choose Active Optical HDMI cable for the newest HDMI 2.0/ HDMI 2.1 Technology?

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HDMI fiber optical cable is not only a high-frequency cable, but also a professional technical electronic fiber optical device.

8k hdmi aoc cable long cable

It has Chip on Board on the Cable connector , we tested the compatibility issues, Reliability and Stability to ensure our cables are more compatible with a wider range of devices on the market.


Active optical cable is ideal to convert high speed digital signal over long distances with uncompressed signals pass through.

8k hdmi2.1 solution
HDMI 2.1 8K 100Meter Solution

HD Video applies in home theatre, TV Walls, Video Surveillance, Church/School, Conference, Presentation, these all need long-distance uncompressed signal transmission. The HDMI AOC (Active optical cable) is the best economic choice for your application.

why optical not copper

Chip on Board : We use German Brand Chip ( Silicon Line)+Philips matrix laser (VCSEL) and some board we added Texas Instruments (TI)DDC Buffer Chip for longer length application.

Silicon Chips are more stable ,low power consumption which are widely used in the market. One the Cable Source side (TX) , power consumption around 200mW and Display side ( RX) power consumption around 160mW,  thus compatible with all sources and displays in the market.

solution silicon line

Some customers told us that when they test the hdmi active optical fiber cables with Apple Box & Sony TV, there will be flashes and noise on the screen. Thus Our engineer developed an automatic error code test program to solve the issue to ensure all of our cables compatible with all of the customers’ requirements.

aoc test equipment sinowell

We don’t recommend other chips although the cost is much cheaper,  Those cheaper cables don’t support high power consumption when the cable is too long and easy damaged after working some time. 

testing aoc reliability
testing 1 aoc
testing aoc

Laser is also the most important part on the PCB board. We use Philips Matrix laser (VCSEL)

All the Active optical cable convert the electric signal to optical signal, pass signal from source to display, whether the laser is good or not will result in how long does the cable can be used at your side. We use four way lasers to ensure the reliability.

hdmi aoc fiber cable oe module

After finished testing of each cables, we will stick a QR code to track after-sales service.

What’s the communication protocol chip of Texas Instruments ? The DDC low-frequency signal is used to implement the handshake protocol. HDMI ATC association stipulates DDC specification is less than 700bf, however the active optical fiber cable assemble 4000pf/100m. Above all, the lower of the capacitive reactance of the low-frequency, the greater the transmission distance can be and more stable signal.How to reduce the DDC of long cables ? When we produce a cable with 60meter, we will add a TI communication protocol to ensure low DDC.

Wire is also important for the AOC long cable. There is no standard specification for the AOC wire in the market now. usually it goes with 4 fibers+7 copper wire and PVC jacket.


4 fibers are used to transmit data, the 7 copper wires are used for communication protocols: one for power supply, one for CEC, two for audio return (ARC), and one for DDC signals (two cores for foam plus one ground, the wire is shielded with aluminum foil).

wire performance is a big difference in the market. They are respectively OM1.5, OM2, OM2+, OM3, OM4, and the core protection is PVC and Teflon.  Filling materials, such as Kevlar, Nylon, PP, and cotton. Outer jacket is made of PVC, CL2PVC, TPE, CMP, etc. So that’s why the big cost difference from 1.2 RMB/meter to 15 RMB/meter. The finished wire also have a great differenct performance.

Above share with you the Inner part of HDMI AOC fiber cable.

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