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Why AV Over IP solution so Expensive ?

Table of Contents

What is AV OVER IP ?

Unlike a traditional Av environment, AV-over-IP solution designed for audio video distribution, and control signals over a standard IP Network. The solution allows an distribution of a huge numbers of sources and displays to be created over a standardized cabling infrastructure and a managed Network switch technology.

traditional av vs av overip

For the AV o IP solution, We have three compression technology options.

H.264/265, JPEG2000,SDVoE,

Different AVoverIP Technology Comparision

h.265 jpeg2000 sdvoe

Each with its Features Comparison


From above diagram, you can see that SDVoE support the highest 10G Network which is suitable for high-speed Live Stream Applications.

There is Encoder which names as a transmitter that directly connects with source using HDMI cable or a Decoder as a receiver connect with Display. It supports one to one ,one to many,many to one,matrix many-to-many,streaming many to huge audience around the world such as Facebook,Youtube applications.

AV o IP offers many advantages

Uncompressed 4K and zero-frame latency audio/video extension over a standard 10G Copper or Fiber Network Switch with instant switching,

Video Wall

transceiver and av over ip controller


image 7
multiview 6 modes

Transfer advanced HDMI content such as HDR (high dynamic range), full color-depth, and multichannel HD Bitstream audio such as Facebook,YouTube,etc.

Support Playing secondary stream on computer through the corresponding software such as VLC media player.simulaneously you can access the build in Web GUI to configure the secondary stream.

Multiple control and data signals can be transmitted along with audio and video signals simultaneously, including bi-directional IR,RS-232, USB KVM, CEC and 1G Ethernet.

What applications does av over IP used for ?

AV O IP can be used in any application or market,because networks are widely applied in all places,from home entertainment to large building distributions,

  • Home entertainment
  • Restaurants, sports bars
  • Bowling alleys
  • Fitness centers
  • Digital Signage distribution
  • Outdoor displays
  • Classroom KVM systems
  • Kiosks
  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Data Visualization
  • Presentation spaces
  • Conferencing / Huddle spaces
  • Corporate
  • Government / Military (see our TAA compliant AV over IP products)
  • And more….

What kind of network switch is required ?

The network switch which connect with the solutions are simple, most network switches equipped with the function needed. Please see below list :

1G Systems

Jumbo Frame =>8K

IGMP Snooping V2

IGMP Querier, preferred in larger systems

PoE 802.3a preferred but not required

In Short, The AV over IP is the Newest technology for the network switch connection among all Technologies and the Highest resolution 4k with SDVoE solutions for live streaming application (zero latency 10G ). Thus the cost is also higher . If you have any questions,please free to contact with us and we can advise you solutions and reasonable cost based on your requirement.

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