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What’s the pain point for ASIC Miner Antminer S17/T17 series

Table of Contents

Antminer S17/ S17 Pro / S17 / T17/ T17 / T17e miner retrofit heatsink no more repeated replacement BM1397AG

Why do Antminer S17 series miners need to change the heat sink (what is the pain point)?

S17 series miners drop the heat sink leading to a short circuit, burning the board and scrapping it, causing losses. Changing the chip does not solve the root of the problem, chip shortage, high maintenance costs
Used miners are far below market price, and often damaged in transit.

antminer 17 series hashboard
upgraded hashboard

Our advantages in similar products.

1, 1-year time N times to improve, a long time to verify
2, first-class heat dissipation and insulation (performance resistance to fight not afraid than)
3, We had improved 30,000 + machines
4, We have a stable supply chain that can support a large number of orders in a short period of time

Why us?

We have made several improvements to the product within 6 months.

After completion, we have modified 30,000+ S17 (series of mining machines) in China in the past 2 months

We have a stable supply chain for this product that can support a large number of orders in a short period of time.

upgrade hashboard

Repair Guidance for Antminer S17 Series Miner Retrofit Heat Sink
SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) – Easy to follow

1、Remove the heatsink
2、Remove the tin from the chip
3、Clear ash (arithmetic board)
4、 Wipe the pads
5, nut (small hole surface) planting tin – on the board – solder (183 ℃ medium temperature tin can be)
6, the bottom of the heatsink brush thermal conductive adhesive (or chip with the paste thermal pad) – installed board – put the gasket – playing screws

Shipping List

heat sink for 17 series

1 set of heatsink can change 1 mining machine (3 arithmetic board)
1, Heat sink
2, Screws
3, thermal conductive adhesive/heat-conducting pad (Choose one)


Changing the heatsink can completely solve the problem, stabilize operation, significantly reduce maintenance costs, and increase the price of the miners.

For more information about ASIC repair or spare parts, kindly please contact with us at whatsapp 86 13728685427, email :

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