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What’s the leading AV transmission technologies?

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Audiovisual over Internet Protocol (AV over IP) is an Internet Protocol-based audio and video transmission technology that transmits audio and video data over standard networks! AV over IP products has seen triple-digit growth in the past three years and will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 60% in the next five years.

traditional av vs av overip
Traditional A/V vs AV over IP

AV over IP is a game between image quality, bandwidth, and latency in specific applications. The AV industry has found the next best way to transmit audio and video signals, with IP providing a standardized architecture. But today, the way it is transmitted on the architecture no longer meets the needs of various customers, and we need to determine what image quality, bandwidth, and latency to allow based on the application. And because of this, in the face of various audio and video transmission protocols and trends, we need to distinguish precisely what is appropriate for the project’s needs!

hdmi 4k60hz sdvoe av over ip by one cat6 100m kvm control video wall
avoverip diagram
ST 2110 SMPTE Technology

ST 2110 SMPTE —Rolls-Royce in the broadcaster level

– SMPTEST 2110 is a standard defined by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

– SMPTEST 2110-10/20/30: Effective audio and video without compression

– SMPTEST 2110-21: Traffic shaping and transmission timing

– SMPTEST 2110-31: Real-time transmission of AES3 signals based on RTP

– SMPTEST 2110-40: Auxiliary Packet Imaging as Real-Time Transport Protocol Packets

– SMPTE is aligned with global associations and supported by AIMS, AES, EBU, VSF, IABM, and MNA

– Based on 10Gbps network transmission, uncompressed, high bandwidth, low latency

– High build-out cost

image 1
SDVOE Technology

SDVOE —Standardized hardware and software platforms

– SDVoE Alliance is a non-profit technology consortium with more than 150 interconnectable products supporting IP-enabled audio and video deployments

– Built around AptoVision’s proprietary chipset, with no license fees

– Based on 10Gbps network transmission with visual lossless compression, high bandwidth, low latency

– Higher cost of ownership

image 2
Dante Technology

Dante —New Network Audio and Video Solution

– Dante is a networked audio solution defined by Audinate, with over 2,300 products already available

– DanteAV is a new networked audio/video solution, a proprietary standard, with license fees

– DanteAV modules can route audio and video channels separately using Dante Controller software

– Based on 1Gbps network, transmits compressed audio and video, lower bandwidth, lower latency

– Lower cost of ownership

image 3
NDI Technology

NDI —Leading software guide production company NewTek pioneers

– High quality, acceptable latency, multi-channel IP video transmission standard

– One IP cable carries multiple functions such as power, audio and video images and control signals

– Access to software-based guide host, unlimited expansion of functions

– Two versions: full NDI and NDI | HX: codec mode; delay

image 4
NewTek technology

– NewTek 2019 presented the new new version of the technology at NAB – NDI version 4.0

– Supports 4K@60

– Same transmission speed, supports up to 16 bits/pixel, quality has surpassed SDI

– Based on Multi TCP, it can fully utilize the network bandwidth and carry more information

– Supports NTP (Network Time Protocol) for synchronization between multiple devices

– NDI adopts an innovative compiled code standard and can adopt a hardware gas pedal to significantly reduce the performance requirements of production equipment: SpeedH, H.264/HEVC

image 5
SRT Technology

SRT —A powerful tool for live audio and video on the public web

– Haivision and Wowza have partnered to form an association with 275 vendors already on board

– Low Latency

Direct connection from source to destination without intermediate servers

Low latency in the hundreds of milliseconds range using the UDP protocol at the transport layer

– Secure and reliable

AES encryption to ensure data security during transmission

Powerful data recovery capability and Forward Error Correction (FEC) application to reduce the possibility of network packet loss and ensure transmission stability

– Low cost

Live on the public network, no need for expensive VPN network dedicated line

avo ip
av over it
Pro AV future

The Future of ProAV – Embodying a New Level of Connectivity Beyond Imagination

  • The wall that once stood between AV and IT is now gone
  • Transitioning from centralized AV hardware-based switching to distributed encoding and decoding
  • Application planning, balancing bandwidth requirements, desired image quality, and acceptable latency
  • Projected to grow at a staggering 60% compound annual growth rate over the next five years

Talks about #sdvoe #avoverip #dante #proav

Currently, we have three technologies for AV over IP Applications, H.264/H.265, JPEG2000, and SDVoE.

h.265 jpeg2000 sdvoe
Explain H.265 JPEG2000 SDVoE

Below data show your comparison of our different technologies

image 6
comparison of h.265/JPEG2000/SDVoE

Different technology applies for different applications based on your requirement. To save more for your cost, Please feel free to contact with us for detailes. Samples of our AV over IP solutions available for testing, kindly please contact us for more information.

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