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What is Seamless Switching at HDMI Matrix ?

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With most of the matrix switchers on the market, there is normal matrix and seamless matrix. When you switch from input to input, you will get a two second or five second delay before your next input shows up on your television, during these few seconds, there is black screen screen as you seen.

Here is a video for your reference

For example,when you are watching a movie on your cable box, and want to switch over to watch football game, you will see a black screen on your TV for up to five seconds before the football game appears.This is not acceptable for most professional settings such as:

Church (or places of worship)

Boardrooms and Offices where important meetings take place

Restaurents with digital food menus

Retail locations with digital advertising

Live sporting events

and many other applications

With this matrix, there is no delay when switching from input to another input. The transition is seamless and smooth.There are very few matrix units on the market with this features. here is our All in one Seamless Matrix 4×4 4K60hz HDMI2.0 with videowall and multiviewer,seamless switching video for your reference.

Our Matrix, splitters,extenders,switchers are fully compatible with any home automation system that allows for IR (infrared),IP,or RS232 seril communication including:Crestron,Control4,Savant,RTI,Simple Control,Command Fusion,Logitech and many others. There is no difference between using our products vs a matrix/splitters/extenders that costs 4x as much.

We will offer you the driver, full RS232 and IP protocol if you need to write a driver for another system.

For most of our matrix, there are five different ways to control it,

  1. Infrared handheld remote (included)
  2. Web control(via PC,iPhone,iPad,Android,Mac)
  3. PC software (included)
  4. Front panel buttons
  5. Custom home automation control(RS232 or IP)

If you have any questions, please contact, WhatsApp 8613728685427

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