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What is fiber optic HDMI cable and the advantages of fiber optic HDMI cable

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long aoc cable

With the development of 5G networks and 8K HD Displays and devices, People announcing that the whole market began to step into high-definition times, and HDMI Cable becomes the Preferred cable in the transmission of high-definition audio and video signal.

Currently the HDMI cables mainly made of copper hdmi cable or AOC pure fiber optic cable with photoelectric composite HDMI cable. With the HDMI Association forecasts the upcoming release of updated certification standards, market research: optical HDMI cable will replace the existing copper HDMI cable.

HDMI cable using optical fiber as the transmission medium will begin to form the mainstream, the price is higher than the traditional copper HDMI cable.

What is advantages of fiber HDMI cable ? why more and more people choose optic fiber hdmi cable not copper hdmi cable ? Please check below detailes.

What is fiber optic hdmi cable?

Optical fiber is a transmission medium used to transmit optical signals; and HDMI is a high-definition multimedia interface that can receive and send compressed digital audio-video information.

The traditional HDMI cable transmission material is core copper, while the fiber optic HDMI cable will change the transmission material into optical fiber, using optical fiber to make the HDMI signal transmission line, both ends are HDMI interface.


Before we begin to analyze the development of fiber optic hdmi cable, we first need to understand the evolution of HDMI standards, we will briefly review the development of HDMI cables in these years.

hdmi cable history

In 2002, the earliest version of HDMI HDMI 1.0 was launched, the highest bandwidth up to 4.95Gbps, support DVD and Blu-ray, Rec video. 709 color gamut, Support audio for 8-channel PCM, 24bit/192kHz audio source, that is, has been able to support 1080p Full HD resolution and 7.1 sound system.

In 2004, HDMI version 1.1 added support for DVD-Audio.

In 2005, HDMI version 1.2 added DSD lossless format to the support list

In 2006, HDMI version 1.3 increased the bandwidth to 10.2 Gbps, support for xvYCC wide color gamut, audio unlocked DolbyTrueHD and DTS-HDMA and other new audio technologies. After that, 1.3a, 1.3b, 1.3b1, 1.3c and other minor changes were introduced one after another; in the same year, the world’s first Blu-ray player SamsungBD-P1000 was launched, it already equipped with HDMI interface.

In 2009, HDMI 1.4, the first HDMI version supporting 4K30p and 3D, was introduced, and added 100Mbps network transmission function.

In 2013, HDMI 2.0 bandwidth rise from 10.2Gbps to 18Gbps, support for 4K60p and compatible with Rec. 2020 depth color. The audio side began to support 32-channel audio sources.

In 2015, HDMI 2.0a added support for HDR, and HDMI 2.0b added support for another high dynamic range technology, HLG.

In 2017, HDMI 2.1 increased the bandwidth to 48Gbps in one breath, supporting 8K/60Hz, 4K/120Hz video formats, 16bit color depth, and the ability to transmit dynamic HDR data, also on DolbyVison

hdmi cable version

What is the advantage of fiber optic Hdmi cable

Fiber optic HDMI cable use photoelectric conversion technology, support long-distance zero attenuation signal transmission up to 500meters.

In copper HDMI cable more than 7.5 meters after long distance transmission , it is easy to signal distortion due to differences in the attenuation parameters of copper cables. For projectors, monitoring video equipment, with copper HDMI cable transmission, will directly lead to poor experience of ultra-clear devices, However, you don’t need to worry about these issues if you use fiber optic HDMI cable, no need to worry about the transmission signal attenuation and distortion.

inner wire material 副本 1

The current market commonly used a combination of fiber optic HDMI cable, which is made of the low-speed signal transmission part of the electronic cable using copper, high-speed data transmission using optical fiber.

There is a theoretical problem because of the length of the low-speed signal copper transmission. So we see the problem of photoelectric hybrid cable transmission distance, is the low-speed handshake signal caused by copper cable. High-speed data transmission using optical fiber transmission, the original electrical signal into optical signals, there is no signal loss, so electricity to light have no signal loss at all, theoretically, it’s signal enhancement.

Fiber optic HDMI cable is an optical signal transmission, free from external electromagnetic interference, and achieves true lossless transmission to ensure high authenticity transmission, especially for audio transmission with high material requirements. Connect the fiber optic HDMI cable, theater level audio-visual effects immediately.


We have reason to believe that fiber optic HDMI cable will become the necessary wire for HD transmission in the future. Traditional HDMI high-definition cable is subject to signal attenuation, it is difficult to meet the high bandwidth transmission requirements of 18Gbps. Fiber HDMI cable does not need to worry about the transmission bandwidth, you can enjoy the sound quality and colorful HD images.

We recommend choosing2.1 traditional HDMI copper cable for length within 10 meters with cheaper price than fiber optical HDMI cable, and lengths from 10 meters to 300meters with HDMI2.0 4K 60Hz/HDMI2.1 8K60hz 4K120Hz Fiber optic HDMI cable.

optical fiber cable different connector

We have different Fiber optic HDMI Cable connectors type A to A, Type A to D, type D to D,armored HDMI cable. Other long optic cables with DVI (24+1) connectior, USB 3.0 long cables, Displayport long cables with the newest technology and long distance uncompressed transmission.

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