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What is EDID for HDMI distribution products?

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What is EDID ?

edid explain

EDID pass-through refers to a play-back device that can read the display device’s information,such as resolution, factory model, date of manufacturer, and so on.

The Benefit of EDID pass-through is the player can read the resolution of the display device directly so that the video signals that the display device can accept can be output in the best effect.

TCL in the figure means TCL TV, TOS is short for TOSHIBA, that is, this product can reach the EDID information of the display device perfectly.

The product supports EDID unvarnished transmission. The EDID information of the display device will be automatically read and supplied to the signal source after powering on or replacing the display device, This will result in better device compatibility.

What is EDID Mix?

edid explanation

As a TV with a different model and resolution, it reads the TV’s resolution ratio before the splitter/switcher/matrix/extender transmits data to the TV, automatically chooses a suitable resolution ratio, then sends data out.

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