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What is Audio Return Channel(ARC)and CEC

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Audio Return Channel (ARC)

is a feature of HDMI technology that allows audio to be sent from a television to an audio device, such as a sound bar or home theater receiver, over the same HDMI cable already being used to send audio and video to the television. This allows the user to hear sound from the television through a connected audio device, even if the television itself does not have integrated speakers.

arc compare with no arc
with or without ARC function

Audio Source with ARC channel like Smart-TV Apps like Netflix / Hulu or Tuned Over-the-Air Channels.

It is important to note that both devices in this signal chain (Smart TV & Audio System) must have ARC capable HDMI input and output ports. These ARC capable ports will be labeled specifically for this function.

home device with arc
devices with HDMI port support ARC
tv with arc
devices with HDMI port support ARC

 If you do not have an ARC capable sound system, you can use the HDMI Audio extractor with ARC function , to extract the audio from your TV and output the audio signal via SPDIF or 3.5 mm analog audio to your sound system.

***Please note that when you’re using the ARC function of HDMI, both your TV and your Sound System device must have CEC enabled.***

What is CEC

CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control and is an HDMI feature that allows devices to control each other when connected through the HDMI connection. It enables a single remote control to operate multiple devices and enables the devices to transmit information to each other.

An example of the CEC power and Input feature would be allowing your DVD player to turn on your television and change its input over the HDMI cable, or allows your PlayStation 4 to power and change inputs on your AV receiver.

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