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Walk out of arrogance and prejudice, accept the ordinary and common 5%+90%+5%

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Learn to accept mediocrity as a reality of life, and then lean the mediocrity toward happiness —By Bai Yansong

Comparison is an unreal, concentrated comparison. People will always show you the best thing, a moment in time, and around this most wonderful moment, most of the other blandness is not shown to you. So you see that brightest thing, but compared to your daily life, the gap is very huge, inferiority complex helpless, and thus this is the cause of many people’s suffering.

Life is 90% bland, the remaining 5% is happy and the ultimate good thing and the remaining 5% is particularly painful. People can go through life because of that 5%, attracting people through 90% of the blandness and 5% of the groovy stuff. We have to accept the blandness, life is not always firecrackers, salute a million, we do not put their own blandness by some people’s light shine inferiority complex, take back the gaze, put it on ourselves, look inside, seek inside, do not always stare at others, the wise will be blandness to happiness transition.

A person’s true maturity is to accept their own mediocrity, every serious effort of the soul is worthy of respect, the rest of life is not long, brave to be themselves, in the ordinary harvest of joy, is complete, and their own race, tomorrow must be wonderful.

I am very fortunate and lucky that I was able to understand the above and find happiness before I turned 37. From now on, it is no longer a person watching the sunrise, it is a family enjoying ordinary time together.

2023 Let’s keep going together!

2023 rabbit year

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