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The Next generation in 8K HDMI Switch/Splitter

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For the future-proof reliability, performance, and speed for Audio&Video, Home Entertainment, and next level gaming experience, We released the plug-and-play Ultra 8K HDR Switch 1×2,1×4 and 8K HDR Splitter 1×2, 8K HDR Matrix 4×2 which offer unparalleled bandwidth and features. The new 8K HDMI Splitter and Switch offer Uncompressed transmission of HDMI content up to 48Gbps and a resolution up to 8K 60Hz,4K 120Hz ideal for extracting the maximum performance from 8K displays, gaming consoles and Pro Audio Video matrix switchers.

hdmi 2.1

Our 8K switchers not only meet 8K demands but also produce mathematically lossless content. These switchers also support all High Dynamic Range formats including HDR10+, Dolby Vision and HLG.

screen superior or 8k hdmi to hdmi cable or 1m 2m 3m or uni 4 5000x
In addition to 8K resolution, these switchers support a number HDMI 2.1 technologies including, Auto Low Latency Mode, Variable Refresh Rate, Quick Frame Transport and Quick Media Switching ensuring you can take advantage of all the features your 8K display has to offer.
hdmi 2.1 audio

To be able to send 8K content from source to display, everything inline is required to be HDMI 2.1 compatible, leading to expensive upgrades including your audio distribution system. With our switchers, no need to upgrade your AVR! Simply utilize the audio de-embed on our switchers to get high quality 5.1 while passing HDMI 2.1 content to your display.

8k 4x1 2

Full Released 8K Products: 4K/8K Bi-Direction Swtich, 8K HDMI Switch 2×1,3×1,4×1,8K HDMI Splitter 1×2,8K HDR True Matrix 4×2, Catch the New Business Chance Now! Whatsapp 86 13728685427, E-mail:

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