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Is buying an Antminer a good idea?

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If someone considering buying an Antminer, like S19Pro 100TH/s, or Innosilicon A10Pro 720M in order to mine bitcoins. These ASIC sold for USD13000 (S19Pro) for a brand new devices, and USD 16000 (A10Pro)for used devices, which is a big investment for them. And they also will consider the cost of electricity in their city.

Antminer S19j Pro

Is it realistic for us to pay back our investment in less than a year, or is it more likely that the product will become obsolete too quickly?

New miners and Experienced miners, probably all have same questions in mind. We can search the data, trying to calculate for worst-case scenarios, best-case scenarios & the middle ground results.

innosilicon a10 pro

What happens if network difficulty increases to levels seen before the China ban & total network hash rate sees the previous top as well? Are we still profitable? What happens if Bitcoin stays stagnant and trades sideways for the next year or even goes on a downward slope – are we still profitable? How much money am I investing into getting the proper electrical setup & on and on?

china mining factory

Now China is in “Great Bitcoin Migration” hundreds of properly wrapped bitcoin miners were loaded onto the plane again. these miners no longer have a place in China but are the most coveted production tool for cryptocurrency gold miners in the US today. As you may know, the shipping cost is a great expensive way for hundreds of miners nowadays and it’s not easy for Chinese to build new mining farms abroad.

Since China began regulating bitcoin mining in May 2021, up to 50% of the computing power has dropped out of the mining network. That means the same amount of bitcoins are still being generated every day, but half as many miners are sharing them as before.

One miner said that mining machines are now “real money printers” as long as they can be turned on.

This expectation of making money is also attracting a large number of new players from overseas to join the mining.

ZEC miner

Due to the high degree of globalization and decentralization, the entire network is difficult to be completely pressed to a halt, and this may also lead to new opportunities.

One arithmetic offshore service provider commented on the situation at this moment: “The national policy has created a blue ocean alive.”

So there is still profit in investment mining machines right now. And which models should I choose and How I import mining machines from China, is there any taxes or any trouble when we buy the devices?

Sinowell have all models for different brand miners and different coins. we can offer you some suggestions based on your budget and electricity cost.

We have ten years experience in export and can help you find the best solution to lower the import taxes and cut down the cost of your device. We promised all goods tested 100% before shipping and can show you the testing video for your confirmation.

We offer a 5-year warranty for brand new miners and replace the same new models if there are any problems after you received the goods within 24 hours. We offer video guidance when you install the miners.

We are devoted to solving all the problems for our customers with sincerity and thankfully. IF you have any questions or detailed quotation sheet, please feel free to mail us Whatsapp/Wechat +86 13728685427

sinowell miner models and spec

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