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How to ensure high quality and fair prices when buying hdmi in China? and How to reduce your risk for importing from China

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Shenzhen is the largest High-Quality hdmi supplier city to source HDMI active optic cables, hdmi extenders,hdmi matrix, hdmi splitters, hdmi switchers, and hdmi matrix, and all audio-video products at a reasonable price. They are many manufacturers and trade companies there selling these products, and how to find good suppliers from these suppliers? 

Most of the factories do OEM orders for simple assemble products at low cost, some of the factories have professional R&D teams to develop complex ODM products.  And when you search on B2B or B2C platforms, there are different price ranges from low to high with similar products. Well, sometimes the price is not real prices, it’s just attracts views and leads to top rankings.  Or they send you a lower quality product with low price. It’s normal and a common trick that a lot of china suppliers are playing to attract new customers.

Here we would like to show you 9 scams when buying HDMI from China and suggestions for how to reduce these risks.

1.Increase Price after placing order

The REAL Scam I want to mention here is this kind of situation: that the supplier quotes you a price that is much lower than other people in the beginning, and after you send over your deposit, they will suddenly ask for a higher price. They will make a lot of excuses like: the raw material price suddenly goes up or they find very high defect rate during production that increases a lot of costs. This kind of scam or you call it tricks will put you into a very bad position. As you have spent weeks to confirm product details with this supplier and you also send the deposit.

Most people are not willing to change to a new supplier , because that will cost extra more money and time. Suggestions: In case this happen to you, please always remember to have 1-2 other suppliers as backup.

2. Your Sales Representative Scam you for paying to his personal account

Sometimes it will be caused by the sales representative from the supplier that you are contacting with all the time. And he wants to scam both you and his company. And this kind of scam will usually happen when the sales representative is going to quit the company.

the sales representative will probably suggest you to send your money to his personal account and he will offer you a very special big discount on the product price.

It’s very dangerous and don’t do that, once your payment arrive to his personal account,

you will lose the protection from this business and the sales representative will probably get your money and disappear.So at that time, you can not get your money back and you can not receive the products forever because the real supplier didn’t receive your payment

Suggestion:Once your sales representative made this kind of proposal to let you send money to their personal account,you should let the owner of the supplier company know at the first time.They will figure solutions to handle this and also make your product and deliver your product smoothly.

3: Hack Suppliers’ Email, Asking for payment to another bank account.

This is also not the supplier scam you, it’s the hacker who wants to scam you. Let’s find out how they did this. Chinese suppliers will receive tons of emails every day, promotional emails, clients’ emails, as well as some dangerous hacker’s emails. Once they get the password, they will log in to the supplier’s email account, They’ll just wait there, checking the supplier’s inbox every day; once you are about to place an order, they’ll contact you with the supplier’s email. They would make up some excuses to convince you to send money to their bank account. If you receive an email that asks you to send money to a new and strange bank account, don’t reply to that email anymore.

Contact your supplier by phone calls skype, WhatsApp,And confirm with the supplier whether the email content is real. Otherwise, you’ll lose money to the hacker.

4. How to identity dishonest supplier or honest supplier that lies can’t receive money

Most of 90% of suppliers are honest, however, there is still few dishonest suppliers who will promise you that they accept your order in the beginning to attract your trust, then you spent a few weeks to confirm samples with them or confirm the customization solution or shipping solution with them when you are about the place order, they will make all kinds of reasons to reject order-pay through the B2B or B2C platform, They require you to send the money through bank transfer or western union. And if you did this, according to their requirement,you will lose the protection from platform. In order to avoid unnecessary risks, you should refuse them and stick to pay through Platform. Otherwise, you can change to new suppliers. that’s why I always recommend you to find one or two more suppliers as backup solution.

5. Cut Communication and disappear after receiving payment

some suppliers even don’t bother to make up lies or set traps to scam you, they just cooperate with you properly before you make the payment. they quote you reasonable prices, before you make the payment, send you good samples,but once you send your money over, they just disappear.

Don’t expect they will deliver your goods, they will not even answer your email or phone calls.

this type of scam usually happens with new suppliers, especially those suppliers under one year registration. because some new suppliers find they can’t make a profit from B2B/B2C business in the first year, then they will choose to abandon or close their accounts in the first year. then they will choose to abandon or close their accounts. So that’s the reason why I suggest you to work with B2B/B2C registered suppliers for over than 3 years. Because their business is more stable and less likely to abandon their registered account.

If you really want to work with a supplier that is under one year of membership on the internet,you’d better evaluate more information about the supplier. Or you can also make your payment with PayPal,in case you run into this kind of scam, you’ll also able to get refund from PayPal.

6. Send good quality sample, but poor quality bulk order

Some suppliers don’t cheat your money directly but they play tricks on the of the tricks is to send customer cheap quality goods. Obviously, they usually will send a wonderful sample and quote a very competitive price at the first time to attract your orders.

That is to say even when you get a super good sample from the supplier, you will still very likely to receive cheap quality goods. you still need to remain cautious, cause a perfect sample doesn’tmean you will get the same quality in the bulk order. This kind of scam is very common,and it happens everyday. the best solution is to hire a third party inspection companyto help you inspect the products before the products shipping out of the China.

7. Use Fake certificates to demonstrate their products comply with the regulations of your country

When you source products like electronics, toys, the first thing you should do is to check suppliers’ compliance certifications, such as Rohs, CE, FDA, and more. Those are compulsory requirements for you to sell those products legally in your country.Some suppliers don’t have those certifications but in order to sell their products,

they just pretend they do. They might promise to provide you with those certifications after you place an order. Don’t take this as real, they won’t, because they don’t have those things, After you place an order, they will make up all kinds of reasons to not show you those certifications. If your supplier actually provides you certifications, then check them carefully. because some supplier will show you their “certifications” that are forged by Photoshop.

Either of the two happens, you’ll have to face the result that the goods will be blocked at the time when doing the customs clearance for applying your own certificates.

So how to verify if the certification is real? Very simple. compliance certification is usually issued by different testing labs and every certification or testing report will have a number. so you can go to the testing lab’s official website, or make a phone call to them to verify if the content of the testing report or certification is real

8. Buy long-term registered accounts (3-5 years) to sell poor quality or fake products.

A lot of new buyers will think that long-term registered suppliers to be very reliable and they can provide good service with quality products. But in fact, every Chinese supplier is a long-term registered supplier as long as they are paying a $4,500 membership fee per year. To attract more orders and win customers’ trust easier. Some people will even buy those 3-5 years old registered supplier account at a very expensive price, and then start selling cheap quality products with this account. That’s why sometimes even though you are buying from those gold suppliers which have years of membership, but you can still not receive very good quality products.

So a 3-5 years old gold supplier membership is not enough to identify if it’s a good supplier. So you need to do more evaluation. and there are many other aspects you can check on, for example, their response rate, the business type, customer’s comments and their locations, and so on.

How to evaluate good supplier, I will make the detailes in next article.

9. Change products without notification at the time of dispatch

Well, this is not a typical scam, but it’s a very normal kind of bad supplier behavior. some suppliers will send you products that are slightly different from what you expected, the difference could be in color, material, or product size. And this kind of issue may happen in the first order you place and may also happen in the repeat orders you place in the future.

When you get back to the supplier, and they would say that the products look quite similar and it won’t affect the normal usage, But if you require a reproduction or refund, the suppliers usually will refuse. To protect yourself against that bad supplier behavior, try to work with that supplier that accepts the platform Trade Assurance. and make sure that both parties agree on all aspects of the order like color, material, size, shipping, prices, and so on.

Writing details in the agreement is very important, and you cannot get a refund without writing all those details even using trade assurance.

Thank you for your valuable time, and I hope you can benefit a lot from today’s content and if you have heard about other kinds of scams on trading platforms, please leave your comment below and I will see you in the next coming articles.

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